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Explosion-proof membrane has an effect on the safety of shower room? Toughened glass is how to clean? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-18
Now many families will install the shower room, but at the time of installation are worry will there be worst, glass shower room explosion-proof membrane useful? How can clean glass shower room, here we introduce in detail. Hope these have certain help to everyone. A 1, bathroom shower room, shower room explosion-proof membrane explosion-proof membrane, which can effectively prevent the harm of toilet partition glass shower room explosive produced, will self destruct shards of glass stick together, don't splash, will not cause secondary damage to human body; This cushion the impact strength of explosion-proof membrane, avoid more damage, even after the accidental impact, no acute fragments. 2, bathroom shower room partition glass explosion-proof membrane insulation ( Compared with not stick, indoor temperature can be a difference of 30%) Isolate the ultraviolet ray, ( Explosion-proof membrane block was 97%, and prevent ultraviolet radiation to human body and the damage of shower room) , protect privacy, With a single partition glass explosion-proof membrane present, meet your high quality life, create all-weather illicit close space) , adornment effect is good ( A variety of color consistent with the toilet wall style explosion-proof membrane, upgrade the overall space beautiful degree) 。 3, toilet partition of toughened glass shower room with a layer of safety explosion-proof membrane, lest toughened glass blow itself up, cause loss and damage human body. The application of safety explosion-proof membrane, penetration rate reached 80% in Europe and the United States and other developed countries, the domestic is emerging industry, with the improvement of the domestic consumer safety consciousness, shower room toilet partition glass explosion-proof membrane will be widely used. Second, how to clean glass shower room 1. For the yellow stains on the glass shower room, you will need to use glass cleaner spray, reoccupy does cloth to scrub can if brightness is new. And shower room parts using hardware accessories, cannot use cleaner, in order to avoid corrosion of the surface, good way is to use dry cloth to wipe, on a regular basis to keep clean. 2. For the water damage of the glass room, you can go to the supermarket to buy a suitable home shower room the size of the glass door glass blowing ( Supermarkets, plastic or metal stents and handle on embedded rubber strip, length must be with his family almost the length of the glass shower room, is too long will not be convenient) , with glass blowing after washes the bath to shave off the glass of shower room, do not need a lot of time, also easy. 3. If have scale on the glass of shower room, usable vinegar mixture wash with a little salt, can be removed. Also can choose glass cleaning fluid of amway products will the bathroom glass or frosted glass spraying again, then rubbed along with dish the ball, with warm water to clean ground glass again can. 4. Clean with clean lavatory spirit, and also should pay attention to keep clean at ordinary times, daily shower shower nozzle with a wash. 5. Evenly sprayed on the surface of glass glass water first, then with dry soft cloth to wipe clean. The entire content of the above are for the shower room have no detail explosion-proof membrane, also said some how to clean the content of shower room, hope these can help consumers to be able to.
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