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Face basin variety, how to choose and buy high quality? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-17
Every family will have installed the bathroom basin that wash a face, can let people wash a face to brush my teeth and wash your hands. Now also has a lot of families put basin sink points out alone, build a wet partition, avoid using the basin that wash a face in the water, wet the floor tile. A basin, the basin that wash a face kinds of traditional are more focused on practical, and modernization of the basin that wash a face pay more attention to in shape and decoration, so the modernization of the basin that wash a face shape or design will be colorful. Distinguish from the species, usually have a desktop, pillar and hanging. On the desktop is divided into the stage basin, basin, the embedded and half embedded basin; Basin and half column column basin is divided into columns. Second, the characteristics of pillar type face basin, the basin that wash a face is commonly used in small family toilet, its structure is simple, drainage component to be able to hide in the cylinder, from the appearance is very neat and clean, but relatively poor drainage function. Table face basin, basin suit in the big family of toilet, also can be used with stone countertops, adornment feels stronger. Stage basin installation is simple, just need to opening, mesa of water when use not suitable gap. The stage basin modelling and design have very much choice, decorate the effect also is very good, so the stage basin is very popular with consumers. Undercounter: undercounter is very high to the requirement of process, the overall appearance neat, easy to clean, so are generally appear in public places is more, but in the junction shelter evil people and practices easily, difficult to clean up. Third, how to choose? Most of the ceramic basin that wash a face in the market now, because of determining the quality of ceramic wash basin is determined by process, after high temperature burn of ceramic wash basin, whether life or fight corrupt ability is superior than low temperature burn many. Approach is to choose and buy, backlight to observe whether the ceramic glaze is light, smooth, no bubbles, and no bubble, no pinhole. The choose and buy when, with the hand to touch the glaze, should be smooth, delicate, with his hand to knock, it is better if the tapping sound is ringing means ceramic wash basin.
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