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Finally learned! This installation shower room is more durable. -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-24
In modern home decoration, bathroom decoration has become an important part of. With constant innovation, the design of the product that defend bath also more and more high-end, shower room is one of the representative works. Shower room is to satisfy the consumer expectations of independent space, but also have the effect of the dry wet depart. Buying in the process of shower room, in addition to select the most appropriate shower room size, also need to know about shower room frame fixed method, shower room is the first step is to find an installation, punch, then there is a fixed frame. Find a hole and punching need more tools, operation is more complicated. Let's take a look at the installation of the master is how to complete this step. 1, determine the borehole location shower room must be fixed, fixed method generally adopt the screws. The holes of the wall on aluminum alloy frame has been reserved. Corresponds to the location of the tag is corresponding to the position of the wall. Method is to stick a border on the wall, with a tape measure to ensure the correct position, and then use a pencil to mark on the wall. 2, the use of percussion drill holing position after the set, the next step is to punch. Punch is divided into two steps, first of all, use percussion drill round drill in drilling a shallow hole on the wall. Because the bathroom wall decorated with ceramic tile, so is harder. In order to facilitate drilling, you can take a bit wet. In addition, you can pour some water in the drilling. Prototype tag hole type, the next step is going to use impact stronger spiral drill. In shallow holes, on the basis of already to make a deep hole. 3, the use of hammer to install colloidal particles before pushing screw into the wall, you first need to install the expansion rubber particles in the hole, rubber particles can better tighten bolts, use the rubber hammer to knock into the hole. 4, use the electric screwdriver fixed frame after completing the above steps, you can install framework, shower room will be placed on weather bar at the bottom of the frame, and then fixed framework. Method is to use the electric screwdriver to screw tightly pinned to the wall with a fixed frame.
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