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Flower is aspersed bought not suit? Flower is aspersed to install all steps, 3 minutes!

by:Appollo bath     2020-10-31
Want comfortable bath, so a high quality of the flower is aspersed and a high quality of the flower is aspersed not only on the one part, there are a lot of the flower is aspersed accessories, such as the flower is aspersed bracket, do you know what type of flower is aspersed bracket? Shower bracket is how to install? Below take you to learn together!

flower is aspersed stents classification

1, portable showers, portable showers is we use most of a shower, we can take in optional washing hands, flower is aspersed enjoy comfortable bath, and portable shower bracket just to play the role of a fixed flower is aspersed, known as the base.

2, head shower bracket: head shower is what we commonly known as the big flower is aspersed, flower is aspersed stent using enter wall type installation method, does not have function, but this kind of flower is aspersed bracket can adjust the water Angle of flower is aspersed, upper and lower activity Angle is very flexible.

3, lift shower bracket: this kind of flower is aspersed stent is widely used at large flower is aspersed, lifting height of flower is aspersed role, but also can be adjusted according to the height of the user's own to the most suitable height of flower is aspersed, enjoy a comfortable bath.

how to install shower stent?

1, the flower is aspersed bracket installation environment

water of cold and hot water pipe joint should be 1/2 inch diameter, it is best to taper thread joint of R1/2 'on the left is hot water, and on the right is the cold water; Joint center distance is about 15 cm, and the height of the joint from the ground suggested that it is best to 60 cm.

2, flower is aspersed bracket installation steps

( 1) First two shower bracket, installation shower shower bracket advice is: a ground level 1. Another height 2 meters, 1. 8 m.

( 2) Decoration cup first set of thread into the flower is aspersed stents, tangle on raw materials, the flower is aspersed around mount respectively twist into the cold and hot water pipe of the joint.

( 3) The distance adjustment about shower bracket front-end for 9 cm, and height must be consistent, also should agree with the distance of wall.

( 4) Will buy good gasket into the tap water stop back into the hole, and then install the shower faucet to shower bracket above.

( 5) The final step is to install the water nozzle, the flower is aspersed pipe and shower head.
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