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Flower is aspersed how to choose and buy and install? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-23
The bathroom shower installation height is generally installed in what position, what are the precautions when installing showers? How to install shower? The switch of shower generally should be placed where appropriate? Flower is aspersed, also called shower, originally is a kind of device for watering the flowers, potted plant and other plants. Then someone will be modified to become can for use in the shower, making it the bathroom common device, also supplies in life is to be short of one cannot. So, how to correctly choose and buy flower is aspersed and install, the following by sanitary ware ten big brand - — Shower room to explain this for everyone. The choose and buy of flower is aspersed: 1, when choosing flower is aspersed must see water, to ensure that each distribution of water spray hole are basically the same. 2, let the flower is aspersed when choosing tilt of the water, if the top of the water spray hole has an obvious little or none, shows the interior design of flower is aspersed is very general, even with a blaster, injection water a variety of ways, the user may also get the corresponding comfortable experience. 3, the nozzle, pay attention to the flower is aspersed is easy to clean. Some shower set the function of automatically remove scale, when the choose and buy of the flower is aspersed to ask more. 4, the flower is aspersed surface brightness is exquisite, coating process is better, good made with high hardness of ceramic valve core, smooth, wear-resisting. 5, shower accessories will directly affect the use of comfort, also need to watch carefully. Such as water and lifting rod is flexible, the flower is aspersed hose with steel wire bending resistance, whether the flower is aspersed joint with the twist tie ball bearing, whether with rotating on lifting lever controller, etc. Flower is aspersed installation: 1, high requirements generally hot and cold water pipe interface is suitable height is about one meter from the ground, can make appropriate adjustments based on the height of the family, because is now a lot of that kind of sunflower is aspersed, now house storey height is short, so don't leave the height is too high, this might condole top, the distance from pipe interface to jingse this flower to asperse shower rod highly enough. In the late installation. 2, hot and cold water hole is apart from the general market shower bibcock of cold hot water center hole spacing is 15 cm, it will take two S joint, can appropriate adjust the distance. So the pitch a bit error can also be installed, but the hole distance as far as possible do precisely, the error cannot be more than 1 cm. The height of the 3, hot and cold water must do high and metope to 90 degrees, do not have a tilt. Hot and cold water inside the wire inside the wall interface is like a lower surface of the ceramic tile of about 2 mm, most such interface after installation, the back of the flower is aspersed two adornment can cover more heads close to the wall, put on the effect will be better and more beautiful. 4, before the installation, put the pipe inside the water, washing pipe. Because the new decorated impurities inside pipeline is more, even a lot of fine sand, if mount directly take shower drain, could lead to these impurities directly to the interior of the flower is aspersed, some not good cleaning, influence of shower water effect.
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