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Flower is aspersed how to install? The height of the installation should be? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-23
Flower is aspersed is each family bathroom or shower room will match one of the items, many people choose to love the flower is aspersed, get home before he found himself not to install. The flower is aspersed should how to install? How much is appropriate height? Actually very simple, to explain for everybody below. How high is the installation of the shower is the height of the flower is aspersed installation, there are clear rules in the industry. According to the type of flower is aspersed is divided into two kinds: 1, dark showers; 2, with the flower is aspersed. In accordance with the relevant requirements: dark place flower is aspersed metope dark bury outlet center distance of the ground should be 2. 1 m, shower switch center distance of the ground is best to 1. 1 m, with the lifting rod flower is aspersed generally is defined with shower out of the water, flower is aspersed installation height best is 2 meters off the ground. But the owner still can use to choose the flower is aspersed to the actual installation height, with a comfortable is the most appropriate. Flower is aspersed installation steps 1, first of all, ready to install shower need several tools: drill, screwdriver, rulers, hammer ( If lack of drill, hammer, tools can go to the bathroom hardware store on loan) ; 2, see the instructions, and then use tape measure size, determine the position of the flower is aspersed installation and the installation height, flower is aspersed and tag; 3, the flower is aspersed bearings in unmarked position, then use a pencil to mark the location of the need to punch; 4, according to just do a good job in the position of the, the hole on the wall; 5, to play good hole hammer into the expansion of the expansion screw set, then the accessories in the round bottom cover with screw on the wall; 6, flower is aspersed pole mounted to the wall, the fixed point above the first stabilise, then under the fixed position; 7, in determining the fixed point on the inner winding Angle screw screw in all, after carefully adjusted again; 8, the flower is aspersed hose on tight, holding a flower is aspersed to install installation, the end of the installation steps.
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