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Flower is aspersed installation height how much? ( On)

by:Appollo bath     2020-10-30
Shower for us, are familiar, but for the owner that decorates bridal chamber, the height of the flower is aspersed installation? Installation technique is what estimates are not very understanding, Appollo today with you to understand, avoid after every need.

flower is aspersed installation height how much?

a, dark type shower shower

dark place the flower is aspersed is the way with only a shower head, shower column of water is dark buried in the wall is invisible. Out of the wall is used to connect the outlet of the flower is aspersed head center distance of the ground should be 2. The distance of 1 m or so.

shower control switch and faucet distance the distance of the ground control in 1. 1 m or so. It is also a common flower is aspersed installation height.

2, with the lifting lever showers

this type of flower is aspersed is our common product, all installed on the wall. With the lifting lever showers are generally based on the surface as the datum plane height to determine height.

flower is aspersed head distance level height is 2 m distance from the best, or in the actual installation according to the user's actual height standard to do judgment. The height of the shower head with fingertips when users raised his arm to meet just commonly advisable.

but not too low installation, prevent the shower arm waving a bruise on his fingers.


note is installed the switch of shower shower dark bury the pipe wall is the left for hot water and cold water is on the right, don't make a mistake.

around the outlet center distance is 150 mm, when construction must pay attention to the outlet of the wall and flush the surface of ceramic tile. The inside of the pipe can not crooked, must on metope.

3, shower shower installation height

1, the flower is aspersed mix water valve is the height of the ground:

flower is aspersed mix water valve and the height of the ground, general control, within the range of 90 ~ 100 cm height in this range, we can also according to your own height of fine-tuning.

but generally not higher than 110 cm, too high may cause shower shower lifting pipe installation.

2, shower bibcock reserved height

when laying pipes placeholder first consider clear, general MAO pei wall above 15 mm, so put the ceramic tile of time just can buried wire head, ensure metope is beautiful.

3, flower is aspersed in silk elbow reserved space:

to silk elbow inside shower shower reserved spacing standard is at 10 ~ 15 cm. The height of the flower is aspersed is according to each family to install, followed is to install the shower.

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