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Flower to asperse shower room should be installed in how high? -

by:Appollo     2021-04-12
Due to the relatively fast pace of life, modern people most also choose shower bath way, so the shower room is more popular. So, flower is aspersed when installing how high is the most appropriate? This not only installation quality into consideration, more lies in comfort. Below small make up shower room to tell you. Want to shower with a very good comfort, the height of the flower is aspersed requirements is critical, and this has a lot to do with installation, under normal circumstances, the flower is aspersed outlet of dark place in the set, should from the ground 210 cm, best leading switch should be 110 cm from the ground, the convenient user use; For with the flower is aspersed, average height requirement from the ground 200 cm, it is advisable to longyou switch height and the basic same. However, this is only a reference standard, is based on the average height of Chinese people came to the conclusion, may not apply to all of them. After all, China's large population, different height, average height of each family is completely different, so, when the actual installation, the height of the flower is aspersed should be measured according to the actual height of family, that is the best installation height. So, for how much for the flower is aspersed installation height is the most suitable for this problem, and there is no clear answer, flower is aspersed installation height under ideal conditions, should be based on the average family under the premise of height value, 20 - higher than height 30 cm is the best.
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