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From which zha to sanitary ware industry, domestic prejudice gradually disappear

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-09
On August 14, animation 'drop down' for the magic of which zha, officer xuan downside for September 26. Up to now, which zha box office has more than 3. 7 billion, is the fourth movie box office in China, and also on the rise. Many people analyzed the cause of nezha conquers 'hot, such as changed 66 times the script, the outsourcing team with 20 residual. 。 。 。 。 。

the road has been rocky, many people think that the flood is not good-looking, abroad both effects, technology, and talent are abroad. But which zha, let us witness the diffuse light, we have also the creation of the Chinese top level, there is domestic made followed by other things, also gradually accepted by people.

consumer confidence, stereotypes about domestic are disappearing.


ShenGongBao said: 'stereotypes in people's mind, it is a mountain. 'In the past, there is an error in the field of our consumption is superior chain: Europe and the United States, including Japan and South Korea, sometimes we will be better than domestic. No matter how something looks exactly, consumer first with stereotypes, not only the film and television works, is present in many fields.

such as mobile phone, there was a time in the past, with apple, samsung mobile phones, some time earlier, with nokia, Siemens mobile phones, is the symbol of grade, class, and with the domestic mobile phone, seems to be a low level, take out enough that has grade you have. , it seems, is good, foreign material imports is family economic ability and one of the symbols of life grade.


however, as we feel, the stereotypes of the Chinese products including prejudice are disappearing. From the red sea 'war Wolf' action ', 'wandering the earth' nezha conquers the children's world ', people are getting used to measure works by the quality, rather than simple theory of domestic and imported.

areas such as mobile phones, home appliances, bathroom, too, not only the degree of red lead against the iPhone that huawei mobile phones, other domestic mobile phone have earned their respect.

in the field of intelligent sanitary ware, just a few short years, the Chinese intelligent sanitary wares not only mastered the core technology to produce the high quality products, but also broke the foreign brand occupy the mainstream of development has shifted from follow to lead, many well-known foreign brands that defend bath is seeking cooperation.


this is associated with the quality improvement of domestic products, are also associated with Chinese cultural confidence and consumer confidence. Confidence in yourself is deeper than quality.

with domestic product from the product quality to the brand image of comprehensive performance, from mobile phones to smart toilet, we gradually realized with foreign brands pursued and beyond, and such ascension also obtained the affirmation and respect of the market.

'the more China, the more the world'.

five thousand years of cultural heritage, is becoming a new trend, confident and concentrate on getting the product, domestic products can not only break the stereotypes in the Chinese market, will also be recognised worldwide.

Appollo sanitary ware will break through the stereotypes of people mouth, second-tier brands may not be the best, but our quality is indisputable.

in the modern society, the quality to speak. In the bath on the long road, we take its essence to its dregs, one day, we will be in a line, become the industry benchmark.
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