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Glass bathing necessity is difficult to clean? Understand techniques are not things! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-25
We seemingly simple light clean at ordinary times actually surface stain and densely, clean up very trouble. For example, the design of shower room is connected fully, and its dry wet function is favored by the public, but most are of glass shower room clean wipe down inch by inch, let a person feel a love-hate relationship. Actually not difficult to clean, you just need to know. Household maintenance is every housewife headache, expensive glass bathing necessity when buying a home or glamorous, but after a period of time will be used color dim. So clean way wrong words, not only to restore the original color, but will also cause a certain degree of damage to the furniture. Shower room brand - — Here to share some tips about glass bathing necessity maintenance, hope to be able to help you. Clean at ordinary times, only need to use a wet towel or newspaper to wipe is ok, if there are stains can dip in with towel a beer or warm vinegar wipes or use glass cleaner can also, don't use strong acid alkali solution to clean. Do not hit the glass surface force, if the tablecloth on the shop can prevent the glass surface is scratched. Put something on the made of glass ware, to should take put down gently. Patterns of glass if dirty, you can use the toothbrush dipped in cleaner, follow the pattern looped to wipe. In addition, there is a way, that is, on the glass drop point chalk ash and gypsum dips in water or kerosene besmear is on glass, and natural dry hind wipe with a clean cloth or cotton. Glass bathing necessity is best placed in a fixed place, don't move, want to place objects, steady heavy objects should be placed at the bottom of the glass bathing necessity, prevent bathing necessity center of gravity be unsteady to fall off. In addition, to avoid moisture and away from the stove, isolation with acid, alkali and other chemical reagent, avoid corrosion deterioration. Want to know more information about glass bathing necessity, please click on the maintenance of shower room glass five points, be short of one cannot. 》
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