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Glass cleaning too tired? Shower room manufacturers to teach you how to points minutes - clean

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-25
Many consumers to install shower house that only needs to be installed properly, you can continue to be used for a long time, in fact this is the wrong idea! If the shower room doesn't work with proper maintenance and cleaning, its service life will reduce, even affect the normal use of in the future. As one of the main structure, shower room glass clean the top priority. Original brand new glass, after years of use, also can become the stain. How can better and more effective cleaning and maintenance of the glass shower room? Let below small make up and share the correct way of cleaning the glass shower room. Scale at home cleaning method is suitable for oneself the home shower room glass blowing, the size of the glass door when the glass blowing after a bath, shave off the glass of shower room is not time-consuming, and easy, just can be done easily. Yellow stain cleaning method for the yellow stains on the glass shower room, spraying glass cleaner first on the glass, then scrub with a dry cloth can if brightness is new. Fouling cleaning methods for old dirt accumulation for a long time, can choose when clean with a little salt, a moderate amount of vinegar and water mixture to make, make a kind of mixture is placed within the watering can, and then onto the glass, then with old newspapers or soft cloth wipe gently, can put stains neutralised. Also can use professional glass cleaning fluid the glass shower room whole besmear again, then scrub with a toothbrush, final temperature of water with a little cleaning can be just the way they are. Spot cleaning method of glass will occasionally have black spots, can wipe with cloth dipped in toothpaste, at this moment can be easily erased. Oil cleaning method using plastic wrap, glass detergent and wet cloth can also make oily glass. First of all, will be fully sprayed glass glass cleaner, with plastic wrap, soften the grease of solidification. After ten minutes, removing the plastic wrap, can wipe with wet cloth. Shower environment clean and beautiful, we need to through diligence and carefully take care of the building. Correct cleaning and maintenance of shower room glass not only can prolong its service life, also can keep the robustness of shower room, save the cost of repair and replacement. Therefore, we must pay attention to regular cleaning and maintenance, let our shower room is always clean like new. Always follow the shower room shower space provides the high quality for the consumer, the product quality as the vitality of the brand and the core of enterprise development key, as one of China's top ten brand shower room of shower room manufacturers, with the high quality shower house price and service for the user to create a comfortable and convenient life.
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