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Glass shower room USES what material to reduce the explosive rate -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-29
In recent years from the shower room glass explosive time, go deep into people's heart. Shower room is the place for us to shower, since when such events, believe a lot of people in the mind should be in the shower. That how to choose and buy glass shower room, small make up to action. Whether it is with friends or tend to buy shower room, small make up remind everybody: shower panel recommended to use toughened glass shower room scientific experiment proves that the toughened glass has many advantages: has high mechanical strength, 6 mm thick toughened glass to withstand 227 grams heavier ball from 2 from the glass. The impact of the height of 5 meters. Has a nasty degeneration of heat-resistant, toughened glass can over - 40. To 327. C temperature leaps, the glass is not broken. Safety performance is strong, when it is broken by external force ultralimit the debris is granular is not easy to hurt. Explosion-proof membrane check shower room when it is necessary to choose and buy must cautiously, in addition to check the quality of toughened glass, metal, also should choose with explosion-proof membrane or laminated tempered glass shower room, this is the insurance in one thousand. Explosion-proof membrane is posted on the outside of the glass and laminated glass is in adhesive with between two layers of tempered glass. Although both shower room glass, glass fragments can also maintain the overall form, there will be no glass debris, shower room also can use for a period of time, give you time to change. The clip inside than on the outside, of course, longer service life and cost also nature more, see you be fond of.
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