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Good planning toilet, must follow these three points -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-23
Between wei yu is to live in the most intimate of the function district, is the so-called, affair, very useful and as long as know themselves. So how should we plan our toilet? Small make up today to introduce you to must pay attention to three items, when planning the bathroom to wash your hands are wet partition, plate shape, to receive planning, especially the small family has aged children and the home, to double care! PART1: wet partition planning solution: shower room, raised floor, deployment of metope note: to prevent add visual for wet partition as between wei yu most of an actual emergency planning. Indeed, especially on not very ventilation between wei yu, then wet partition probably do? Wet partition contrast bath shower room, shower room will be more suitable for the small family of wei yu, more convenient use, the whole family together for small area for adding vision. And the details of the raised floor planning, let the wet partition level increasingly clear that defend bath, cut the moisture of dry area, together can put away your want to hide the pipeline. But have the aged will pay attention to in the home, want to prevent the ground height difference as far as possible, especially bathhouse contrast moist. PART2: hand washing dish appearance planning example: forward, hang a wall, without extra trouble carrying note: moistureproof prevent wet planning is very important of toilet hand washing dish is to use frequency is highest, so how to adhere to the beautiful and complete human planning, moistureproof prevent wet planning is very important. Splash dampproof heart planning move that dish to wash your hands forward, using time or point of view will be a little bit small, relatively comfortable many, will also be able to reach the timing of the cut water base. Hanging wall hanging wall space of program is more economical device of the basin that wash a face the original is in order to save space. Which arc planning and is an organic whole metope fusion, and extends to the top of the sit lavatory, added a small item planning, maximum limit of the space used up. Conveniently employ content centering more useful object space does not mean that must demand the basin that wash a face with large dimensions. The selection rule of 'wide at both ends to keep wide' plan of the basin that wash a face, the two ends of the wall in a basin planning, not only secure the hand washing dish azimuth balance, there are a lot of set aside the object space. PART3: receive a planning solution: receive ark, metope receive notice: beautiful and useful between wei yu in the area is not large, then it is critical that receive planning, receive classification, from using the thinking and the placement of small items. Metope embedded receive planning is very wonderful, deferment can as a door to door, will also be able to receive as a cupboard door, kill two birds with one stone, nice and neat. The clear receive ark to receive ark classification clear, receive the hide to hide, is about to be conveniently placed space, can add bath ark on the above storage rack and hook, convenient don't use the same item classification, large capacity to receive probably take good use of. Wall hanging cabinets planning space is not small, see you how to use, the use of metope can tear, out of the bathroom ark, the mirror is able to receive a toiletries behind local, sit lavatory wall ark, after doing the same as the thickness of the water tank, no matter from the use, receive, very human nature.
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