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Headlines you said you bought a cheap oak bathroom cabinets, are you sure they aren't rubber wood bathroom ark?

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-30
Nowadays, more and more people like oak bathroom ark, what the hell oak bathroom ark what place? Oak bathroom cabinet will be better than other materials of bathroom ark can waterproof? Oak, especially Thailand and Malaysia oak is the international and domestic market of high-grade furniture material, and is especially suitable for production of bathroom ark. Appollo defending bath of bathroom cabinet is made of high quality oak Thailand, A plate, density, texture clear, uniform corrosion, non-toxic, vacuum drying process.

one, five advantages of oak

1, oak solid wood, high hardness, density, natural oak decade both untreated water does not decay, and our products after processing, spraying layers of paint, so more corrosion resistance;

2, natural, environmental protection, health, the raw material from natural wood;

3, anti-bacterial, anti-corrosion, not easy adsorption dirt;

4, temperature effect is very good, an hour to cool three to five degrees, ( General indoor temperature) To save water;

5, you can add a variety of herbs and essential oils soak, and helps to exert efficacy, extraction and beautiful skin.

so oak is do not mix with water, and have waterproof function, is to be the superior material of the bathroom cabinet. And we also can see the top grade in the domestic market like defending bath of Appollo oak oak bathroom is Thailand. Oak bathroom ark price is expensive than that of ordinary, but from the aspects of quality, oak bathroom ark is certainly a good waterproof bathroom furniture!

2, four oak bathroom ark advantages

1, not bibulous, when people buy bathroom cabinet, first consider is the function of waterproof. And compared with other wood, oak oak due to the higher density itself, so it is not easy bibulous. So use made of oak bathroom ark is waterproof.

2, flexibility, good plasticity: oak itself has very high ornamental value and the plasticity, many can meet the demand of consumers. If you don't consider the price problem, so custom oak bathroom ark is also a very good choice.

3, solid, wear-resisting, compared with other wood, oak density is higher and more solid, and it is a natural pollution-free wood. So oak bathroom ark in the aspect of wear-resisting and texture is better than a normal bathroom ark.

4, low-key fashion again: starting from the materials of oak, oak straight hard texture, structure, quietly elegant of colour and lustre beautiful texture, high mechanical strength. Made of oak bathroom cabinets, oak has prominent bright wood grain on the surface. It can not only improve the level of the bathroom, still can give a person a kind of simple of primitive simplicity and fashion sense. Oak bathroom ark, though expensive, know it so many advantages to spend the money value of the!

3, how to recognize and oak and rubber wood?

there are many online now sell bathroom cabinet, in the guise of oak material, selling item is rubber wood, oak and rubber wood is just there, but it is not the same. Although the two kinds of wood are making wood bathroom ark is good, but the price has to. Oak is more expensive, so some undesirable businessman will be used as a substitute for rubber wood, as consumers, how can we distinguish oak and rubber wood?

oak and rubber wood it is there, but a lot of people are points not clear to them again. This is actually very simple, as long as you carefully look at, look at them carefully texture.

oak is the comparison of the quality of a material is solid, feel very heavy, and relatively rubber wood, texture is soft, feel is smaller and lighter, so we can tell from this point is above.

to identify the oak and rubber wood, you can also from the oak and objects on the cut off a small piece of rubber wood, with a magnifying glass to look over, if the hole is coarse and loose woodiness, wood ray reticulate, is rubber wood; If the pipe hole small, wood ray is very beautiful, some are fingerprints, it is oak.

from oak bathroom cabinets and solid wood bathroom ark contrast we can see that oak bathroom ark is better than that of the rubber wood is too much, that's why oak can sell 6000, rubber wood as long as 3000! Above is true and false solid wood bathroom ark to distinguish method must remember, don't know the pit.
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