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Hebe sliding door renderings - shower room series characteristics

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-22
Along with the social development, people's life quality request more and more high, many family decorate will consider how to decorate toilet? Now many families hope to have an independent space that wash bath, shower room brand many consumers don't know how to choose, and one of the top ten brand shower room, after continuous efforts to innovation, and carefully build each a shower room, the security of its use, waterproof, sliding and smooth degree is quite good, so what is special about what Hebe series features sliding door of shower room? Shower room can be divided into independent space that wash bath can enjoy shower, now domestic toilet space size is differ, if the installation of the shower room can save you a lot of space, in the shower to prevent water from outside to make whole toilet ground is wet, if you don't need to consider toilet space is size problem, and health space size is fine can be customized, consumers in the choose and buy when the shower room need to pay attention to material quality and size. Hebe series features sliding door, shower room 1) Use SUS304 stainless steel, bright and beautiful beautiful mirror surface of steel. ( 2) Quality stainless steel, with smooth and fashionable appearance, handle delicate, very personalized. ( 3) Stainless steel bearing pulley, antirust and durable. ( 4) The design of the wheel up and down the shower room to avoid shaking produced in the process of push and pull.
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