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How about prospects of the development of sanitary ware, sanitary ware industry go

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-12
For sanitary ware industry, with the development of the wave of the Internet is a trend, at the same time, follow the new demand for the product that defend bath change is certain. So how about the development prospects of sanitary ware, sanitary ware industry go? Appollo below sanitary ware to say to you.

for most consumers, electricity is a kind of fashion. Store for a variety of products, in the 'hunger' meet their consumption desire, but not many people trust through online purchase big-ticket items that defend bath. Unable to deeply experience is sanitary ware electrical contractor 'tepid' of the main reasons. Mixed electric dealer market, market rules, on the other hand, the imperfect to the development of the electricity wei yu with a heavy shadow. At the same time, consumers will shift focus to other places. The sanitary quality, that is the basis of the online sanitary requirements, the requirements of the higher layer of electricity to provide after-sales service.

since sanitary ware enterprise operating electric business, return difficult problem has been criticized by consumers, has become a stumbling block to block electricity development. In wei yu product differentiation route is not clear at present, consumers of electricity that defend bath will consider more to serve as a base. Therefore, the electricity that defend bath now to do is conquer service such a hurdle.

in addition, most of the enterprises that defend bath electricity path delays in advance there is a deeper reason, is the enterprise to conduct electricity, contradiction between the dealers with traditional channels. The personage inside course of study thinks, the entity shop and electricity, there is a big difference between traditional channels and electricity exists in reality is difficult to reconcile the contradictions. Electricity directly impact the traditional channels, direct damage the interests of the dealers, agents.

in the first place, the product 'younger', quite a number of brands when doing online product promotion, will usually choose more younger and high cost-effective products. That's according to a large shopping mall of consumer groups, in shopping website of bath of choose and buy consumers more for young and middle-aged, they have more young, aesthetic, and focus on considering the ratio of height.

second, with the Internet home outfit highlights the value of cooperation, more and more enterprises begin to enter the overall household industry, as a combination of new forms, there are a lot of enterprises gradually from unfamiliar to familiar with. There are also many consumers are familiar with and accept the business model. Under such market cultivation, whole wei yu will go to a fast track.

then, energy conservation and environmental protection is always a constant theme sanitary ware industry. With the progress of people life level, more people start to focus on health, energy conservation and environmental protection gradually become an important selling point of the whole industry. Many brands of sanitary hardware accessories in addition to the pursuit of fashion and changes in the design style, the applicability of the pay more attention to the energy conservation and environmental protection products.
At the same time, as the recent research of Appollo shows, the benefits of improved productivity and firm performance can make implementing basic management practices worth it.
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