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How appropriate, shower room partition do is bigger is better? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-26
As an important member of the shower room shower room partition, also people preferred big bathroom decorate toilet time, we choose shower room partition, often think of, how old do shower room partition to do right? Below small make up take you into the world of shower room, let you learn more about the shower room partition. Shower room partition is also called the shower screen or a word shower room, shower room is an important member of the family is one of the most broad consumer use bathroom products. For general bathroom shower partition plays an important role, especially for public shower room, shower room partition effect is more outstanding. Now shower room partition is mainly divided into two kinds, one kind is to the top, another is not to the top, for to and not to choose, it is best according to their own needs. Below for everyone under the difference between the difference of two kinds of shower room: 1, to partition: for to shower room, or the cold of winter in the north to use will be warmer, sealing better, weakness is to acquisition of sunshine shower room will be less, the internal can be a bit damp phenomenon, this time we need to strengthen to partition inside lighting. 2, not to partition: advantage is not to save raw materials more than to shower room, shower room and so the price will be cheaper, because there is no peaking, daylighting and ventilated effect is good, shortcomings, poor sealing condition, easy to cause a cold. Is generally a good shower room partition size is generally width 800, 1200 in length, height 1900 & # 8212; 2000, the partition size bath more comfortable, but for small toilet, partition is suitable. But may appear crowded situation, if the specification is not very standard toilet suggest using curved shower room. For toilet is a big family, partition is too simple, it is recommended to use other shapes shower room, beautiful and amplifier. Shower room partition, therefore, is not the bigger the better, because the partition is too simple, for not going to work on a big toilet adornment, but suitable for medium-sized toilet partition, or rectangle bathroom. The warm prompt: domestic shower room partition, had better use tempered glass, glass brightness, quality, or for public toilet, use too much because it is over, the crowd multifarious, it is best to use PVC sheet resistance of the external forces such as partition is much higher than the glass shower room.
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