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How did shower room partition of dry wet depart? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-26
How do you do dry wet depart? Some methods and tips? We are in the bathroom in the daily wash this completed within a space. But often because of some reason to make whole toilet all wet, clean up trouble again. Now, don't worry, clean is provided below small make up for you to provide information, successful implementation of dry wet depart. Bathroom partition a coup - — Wood stripe in the shower area and transition place outside device on a few pieces of wood stripe as partition. Vertically wood stripe, in addition to let a space more rich administrative levels feels, and created a subtle visual perception. So did lie between and vertically wood stripe design continuously, guarantee the space of the capacious feeling. Wood stripe in reddish brown ceramic tile, did not appear abrupt, but have a feeling that bring out the best in each other. Bath partition the coup - — Cant cant can reverse the whole space. Cant partition can insulate the bathroom hide part of manufacturing luxury beauty again at the same time. In the design. The radian of winding with the combination of the sloping roof. At the same time, cant arch radian, partition wall itself can bring more space. In addition, a partition to receive also the design, can hang in the external towel, close to the side of shower room can offer receive additional places again. Look are darker colors. In between the wei yu that wash gargle. Shower should have a solid feeling. The brown Mosaic is applied on the metope of large area, even shower arc extensional covering live by log. The line that play a base position with white outline. Original vintage white wall and ground tile roof under this cant foil, appear very harmonious. Bathroom partition coup three - — Prevent shuimu shuimu erected placed on one side of the edge of the shower room. Fresh logs and shower room is tonal harmonious and unified. Brought drab bathroom different amorous feelings. Just like a foreign girl in the dance. In such an environment, people will feel particularly relaxed, is like a holiday. Both can have the effect of dry wet depart, can relax. Bathroom partition coup d - — Glass door, glass door is suitable for every place at home, but in the kitchen, between wei yu, the balcony is used in these places more. The glass door is generally used to divided into different function areas. Also by its simplicity fully to enlarge visual space, half open space posture. Between wei yu in the glass door is used to dry wet divided into two area is in a small space between wei yu, glass door is partition way between shower room and outside space. On the choice of the glass door at the same time, you can also choose to full penetration type and frosted material. But the frosted material glass door can ensure the privacy of users. Above are a few tips of dry wet depart, hope I can help to you, more information about shower room website, here is introduced several kinds of partition method is not wei yu is decorated, shower room and bathroom partition and partition is very much more creative design scheme. But whatever the solutions are to choose the suitable one, this is the choice.
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