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How much profit that defend bath, the overall advantages and disadvantages of the bathroom is

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-17
Bathroom products as the housing market hot ushered in the new opportunity, at the same time also brought new challenges, for enterprise can successfully developed the market demand of products, is an open question. So how much profit that defend bath, the overall advantages and disadvantages of the bathroom is? Appollo wei yu is to teach you. The whole bathroom is made within the limited space wash gargle, bath, toilet, toilet and other functions of independent health unit. It is the integration of waterproof chassis, wall panels, roof structure of the whole structure, and sanitary ware, bath furniture, shower screen, bathtub, faucet, shower, ceramic tile accessories into a the whole environment.

the whole bathroom strengths:

1. The whole wei yu on the raw materials, good quality. Floor, bathtub wallboard, ceiling, and washstand is mostly choose waterproof and durable composite materials. Composite material is aircraft and spacecraft dedicated materials, whether on the thermal insulation performance, is still in use life and comfort, has a good effect. The whole wei yu the sanitary equipment is easy to clean and ShengJin save time, reasonable structure, good material, etc.

2. Because of all the selection between wei yu is stamping molding process, do not use, so can effectively prevent the water seepage and leakage problems. The whole sanitary ware on structure collocation can use the space to more and more energetic.

3. Because each space is different. Will your space is the concept of integral wei yu together, all sealed, it has a lot of aesthetic feeling. The real space that defend bath is home leisure, the illicit close space that defend bath, taboo is a bathroom products together, lead to the entire environment does not reach the designated position. Customization of the bathroom is no longer the special preserve of European aristocrats, many aspiring middle class also want to through the custom household unique to satisfy their desire. So the whole wei yu is a new fashion of modern consumption, from the spirit of life need to double enjoyment, provide consumers with bath, leisure, health, fashion, sweet, sweet modern new bathroom experience.

the whole bathroom defects:

1. All the necessary common sanitary ware positioning, style, fit the market demand, otherwise will lead to no three no four, form together often present situation of god spread.

2. All the product that defend bath category heavy and complicated, needs to establish a clear division of labor documentary team, make timely delivery of the products;

3. All sanitary ware is expensive, and many other enterprises OEM products are demand, consumption is not high benefit, then don't make planning and product design, logistics distribution, such as cost of capital add, the price of the whole bathroom ark also sends civilian to change difficult to ´ ´.
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