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How much the thickness of the glass of shower room is right? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-28
Shower room is a separate shower cubicle, modern household is more and more high to the requirement of sanitary facilities, many families hope to have an independent space that wash bath, but because the bedroom health space is limited, can only put bath facilities and sanitary ware in one room. Shower room makes full use of indoor one horn, use crawl to shower range clearly divided, form the relatively independent space that wash bath. Glass as the main body shower room, shower room can be directly affect the shower room use fixed number of year, according to the thickness of the shower room, of which 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm thickness is the most common. But many consumers will be more inclined to choose thicker glass thickness, in fact, glass shower room isn't as thick as possible, to make ten big brand shower room below - — Shower room to explain for everybody. As for how much thickness is appropriate? According to its introduction, shower room products on the market a variety of shapes and a half arc also has a linear, the thickness of the glass is associated with the modelling of shower room. Arc class, for example, is required to shape the glass, generally advisable, 6 mm is too thick is not suitable for modelling, and the stability of less than 6 mm thick. Similarly, if choose the shower room with linear modelling, can choose to 8 mm, or 10 mm, but what need reminds is, with the increase of the thickness of the glass, the overall weight also increases accordingly, it is have higher requirements about the quality of the related hardware. But if I buy 8 ~ 10 mm thick glass, we will request the pulley will also better quality. According to some of the building materials market sales personnel, shower room explosive situation proportion is small, but there is no direct contact with the glass thickness, not as thick as possible. According to incomplete statistics, the main reason for the broken glass shower room on the pulley and other hardware accessories, pulley push-pull, guide rail, foreign body in it lack of roller bearing and so on will also affect the glass broken. So the shower room of choose and buy, in addition to view the indices such as 3 c authentication of the glass. Reasonable selection of shower room glass thickness are very important. Finished shower room how many suitable information, the thickness of the glass you are on the thickness of the glass shower room have a deeper understanding? Glass shower room is not the better the more thick, hurriedly to home for you to choose a suitable bathroom shower room!
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