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How pay attention to choose high quality shower room? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-21
A modern bathroom, shower room always occupies a big space. At first glance, and reflect the practical of shower room, safety and aesthetic feeling, is the main part of the it - — The glass. What are the doorway to choose glass shower room? Thick? Bright? Concise? Or decorative? Hard to choose a variety of purposes. Life can't just in front of struggling, art also can't just coldly. For your attention to detail and the art of living, shower room glass nature also have greatly. Shower room glass thickness, and its robustness nature is strong, but if too thick also be counterproductive, because the thickness of glass on a little more than 8 mm brand shower room factory is very difficult to achieve tempered, so once the glass is broken, and will have sharp surface, thus prone to cut the risk of the human body. The thick glass is, the thermal conductivity will become bad, so the greater the possibility of glass bursting, because glass from a major cause of the explosion is caused by uneven cooling in different region, so from this point of the flameproof glass should be as thin as possible. Regardless of what type of shower room, the security is the foundation and core. Generally the glass into explosion-proof glass and laminated glass of shower room, generally USES the German technology, explosion-proof film glass in the professional dust-free workshop to complete the paster, even if broken glass, pieces will firmly stick to the membrane without looking. As for the safety coefficient of the laminated glass is higher. Laminated glass will as for between two layers of glass explosion-proof membrane, on the one hand, through the double bearing to stronger support, on the other hand also can ensure the whole piece of broken glass even rupture stand in situ, do not move, not shedding more scattered on the ground, brings maximum guarantee for shower safety. By constantly strengthen the result of toughness, elastic, toughened glass, and post methods such as explosion-proof membrane, shower room has been trying to create a health and safety of shower room, bring you safe explosion-proof, one bath shower experience.
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