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How profits that defend bath, bath hardware development trend in the future

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-28
Along with the rising cost of materials, some people think that sanitary ware industry development has in the past, but some people think, bathroom hardware industry as the bathroom the branches of the industry, huge room for growth, development trend is very clear. How profits that defend bath, the hardware that defend bath the development trend of the future? Appollo sanitary ware to see.

a: create personalized consumption market segment

the future consumers buy sanitary hardware products will no longer be a simple 'goods than goods', personalization, quality, grade sanitary ware culture is embedded in the traditional values. 'Imitation of European' products in the market the springing is an example. But along with the further personalized, simple 'copy Europe' or 'copy' style cover consumers will be less and less, other segment of the market will gradually formed, such as fashion contracted 'ikea' style is popular with young people.

second trend: supply chain form diversified

traditional sanitary hardware supply chain is like this: with production enterprises and their products as the center, to consumers as the end point, through the traditional distribution ( Agent) Trader hierarchy distribution channel network products, in order to promote products for the purpose, realize the money collecting. As a seller's market into a buyer's market, the focus of the supply chain is off to the downstream, consumers become more and more important. In the supply chain from the 'push' to 'pull' process, some enterprises choose vertical integration, some choose channel sinks, some choose to form a strategic alliance between upstream and downstream, some choose to e-commerce, which form will stand out remains to be seen. Trend

3: hutch defends integration

although kitchen and toilet function varies, but from the perspective of hardware products, nearly the same, both are used faucet, pendant, floor drain, hutch unifinication decorate a choice for most people, thus led to the integration of procurement of sanitary hardware products, manufacturers will also strive to provide household decorates a full range of hardware products. Trend of

4: science and technology of intelligent speed up the development of sanitary ware

technology in the application of sanitary hardware products mainly embodied in the materials science ( Alloy material, ceramic valve core, nanotechnology) , induction system ( Temperature control chip, the heat device) , art and design ( Aesthetics, human body engineering, fluid mechanics) On.
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