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How shower shower nozzle cleaning whether or not you know? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-29
Toilet installed shower house, use for so long a shower has split out cleaned? Shower shower nozzle outlet where have small screen, flower is aspersed to use for a long time, water impurities easily deposited on the small screen, if the water quality is bad, it is easy to scale forming on small screen, and then cause the clogging in shower head, so it is necessary at this time to shower and wash out. The so-called shower also called shower head, shower. Too many type of flower is aspersed, open shower method according to the structure of the nozzle will have to decide, most of the flower is aspersed head as long as with the hand press counter-clockwise apart, do not need to use to other tools, and some of the middle of shower nozzle of the head, there is a round lid, use a screwdriver to pry the small lid can see the screws, in what is have a look at the mouth of the screw, then take the corresponding screwdriver to open the shower head. Generally speaking, as long as it's not a one-time flower is aspersed, it can be morally apart, as long as more than thinking about the structure of the shower head, shower open is not too difficult. How can shower clean? Because the tap water contains a small amount of sediment, the long-term use of shower nozzle in the case of accumulate over a long period, gradually increasing amounts of sediment in water, block shower drainage holes position gradually, even the interior of the flower is aspersed will accumulate a lot of sand. Cleaning showerheads method is very simple, as long as take on the clogged drainage holes have to do is open; If you want to clean the inside of shower shower nozzle, need to unload and the flower is aspersed connection pipe head, then tap water rinse showers in the opposite direction, will pour water inside and plug inlet, forcibly shake, put the dirty water out quickly, can be repeated several times.
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