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How to choose and buy bath? Household bathtub skills of choose and buy and maintenance

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-16

How to choose and buy bath? Household bathtub what are the skills of choose and buy, and daily maintenance, are a lot of consumer concern topic. Bath crock and due to the difference of material, function configuration there is a big difference, so, in the selection as well as the usual maintenance aspects of bath crock is very attention. The choose and buy of Appollo in current sanitary ware is to introduce the bathtub method and daily maintenance. A classified according to different material of bathtub, bath, bath crock can be divided into: cast iron bathtub, wood, artificial stone bathtub, acrylic cast iron bathtub has the advantage of the dirt, easy to clean, long service life; Defect is bulky, heat preservation and repair can be general, color and shape of the single; Wooden tub with wooden materials, the price is relatively high, modelling limitations, short service life, is not easy to clean. Man-made stone bathtub line is fluent, simple; But one stone mass production of bath crock is easy to deformation, easy to change color yellow, price is high.

 Acrylic material is now mainstream, with 3 - After 5 mm acrylic vacuum thermoforming, on the back of the 'glass' technology on reinforcement, heat preservation effect is good, the surface smooth and easy to clean, can repair quality, moderate price. According to different functional configuration, the massage bath crock can be divided into the cylinder, cylinder, air cylinder, the common cylinder as a whole. Second, the bathtub skills of choose and buy must first determine the size, shape, and material, followed by than, hear, see, touch, press, hit than thickness: can knock bath crock, judge the thickness of the bath, bath crock large thickness, natural won't craze. Listen to the voice: when buying a massage bath crock also pay attention to the size of the motor sound. 

 Buy luxury bath crock, best can when buy & quot; Try water & quot; Try and listen to sounds, temperature. The glossiness: through the surface gloss of the material, suitable for any kind of material of bath crock. Touch smooth surface smoothness, applicable Yu Gangban and cast iron bathtub, because both bath plating enamel, plating process is not good there will be a slight ripple. Firmness of hand, foot test: the firmness of bath crock is related to the quality of the material and thickness of visual is invisible, need to have a try, such as in, is there a sinking feeling. Three, the daily maintenance and maintenance of bath crock 

1, plate surface cleaning, you don't use corrosive cleaner, a surface stains can use paint thinner, turpentine oil, alcohol, toothpaste erasure

. 2, such as accidentally scratch bath crock, and did not strike through surface with dry or wet 1500 # water sand paper burnish flowing gently, reoccupy cloth stained with some toothpaste to wipe, if still can't restore luster, surface after polishing, can be coated with a layer of polishing wax. 

 3, often clean water back cover, to prevent back to water network congestion.

4, product use, be sure to cut off power supply, avoid damage to computer system, should be carried out after the power off before maintenance, must check the leakage switch every six months by the licensed electrician, ensuring the security of the electric leakage protection switch work normally. 

 5, do not use more than 80 degrees of hot water, if repeated use hot water will reduce the service life of cylinder block, the correct method is put hot water should be put cold water. 

 6 should comply with the national standard, power supply line, and equipped with a leakage protection switch, the power supply grounding function, must be included in the load capacity of 10.  A, and pay attention to the waterproof switch socket, suggested that near the tub bath control switch. 

 7, the use of strong acid, strong alkali, day take water and other chemicals used in the cylinder. 

 8, in the case of no water in the bathtub start water pump 

9, pay attention to avoid clutter in start surfing massage bathtub work will be back to the water network congestion, caused by pump load is too large, lead to water pump overheating, burning bad pump.

 10, water pump in the absence of water idling easy to burn out, because the water pump has a rubber seal, fever easily damaged when idle. Above is the Appollo sanitary ware to popularize family bath techniques and the bath maintenance of choose and buy, hope to be of help. Now, just to choose a proper bath crock, the national brand shop of choose and buy more products to Appollo. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo sanitary ware's official website
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