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How to choose and buy quality shower room does not bad? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-28
Shower room is generally divided into standard, non-standard custom shower room and shower room intelligent overall shower room. Is produced by merchants unified standard shower room, both in material selection, design, size and fittings are prescribed standards, complete sets of choose and buy, more convenient time; And intelligent integral shower room is in a standard added on the basis of the bathtub, shower room acoustics, massage, sauna and other intelligent setting, must live, and is completely sealed space, relatively high prices; Custom shower room is the most popular types, and we see at most everyday products, so how to choose and buy quality won't bad? A, ordinary glass shower room cannot be used to do, be sure to use toughened glass. Have 3 c certification marks, use laser print directly on the glass is preferred; Thickness in 6 mm - general It is advisable to 8 mm; Toughened glass explosive rate gb is three over one thousand, good products, Such as the south bo group) Can be less than three over ten thousand, authentic toughened glass is not easy to hurt even if explodes oneself. About tint, poor sticker in a few years may be aging, good price does not poor, everyone should consider whether to stick. 2, aluminum good aluminum material strictly, not only the surface can also processing through many layers, the coating is firm, tonal and bright, not corrosion, and thickness will be in 1. 2mm- 1. 5 mm, some even can reach 2 mm. The difference of the thickness of the aluminum is only 0. 7mm- 1. 1 mm, mostly recycled waste material used for saving cost, trachoma, pinhole, line, surface darker color, texture soft, easy to deformation or fracture, use at home to clean, easy to rust, easily lead to shower room since the explosion. Three best embedded, water retaining water retaining, ceramic tile on both sides can best side, can buy finished stone processing, can also be used in water although small, but the one thousand leak is very headache in the future. So the shower room general order will be finished before sticks ceramic tile, weather bar to ahead of time. , of course, if the water retaining quality is poor, buried after broken replacement maintenance more inconvenience in the future. Four, strip shower room moisture, high temperature, high polymer made of strip is easy to aging, generally every two years, need to replace it. High quality of the sealing strip of shower room should not be a breakpoint in the hinge, door sealing strip between should have magnetic, sealed performance is better. Five, open sliding door does not occupy a space, suit small family toilet, but slides easy fouling or falls into hard objects, not easy to clean. Flat open, suitable for large area of toilet, switch is convenient, but beside the item should not be easy to knock against. You can choose different ways of opening according to family.
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