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How to choose and shape of shower room? Choose the suitable is the most important -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-23
Our common shower room mainly arc fan shape, square, diamond, etc. , open the door way is commonly the sliding door, folding door and shaft door, etc. , into the way to have Angle to enter or single enter type. Both into type has different benefits, and angular into type is the biggest advantage is that can expand the usage, can make full use of the time of toilet, square, curved shower room and shower room diamond-shaped shower room are all belong to this category, is also more models appear on the market. Although there are many different kinds of shower room, choose the right is the most important thing, so shower room image when the choose and buy, be sure to reference the size and layout of toilet, and then the be fond of according to owner choose appropriate, comfortable shower room. Most people are translucent, shower room products of choose and buy, but for the traditional conservative or old man, think too much lack of privacy, so generally only accept opaque cloth grain type shower room, so in this respect is to respect the family's interests and ideas to choose. Subject for toughened glass shower room and stainless steel, aluminum, because of security problems, so the quality is also very high. Toughened glass must choose completely tempered, authentic toughened glass of decorative pattern, as long as look closely to see into the surface must have 3 c certification. At least 304 stainless steel aluminum, so as to achieve the effect of strong and not easy to corrosion, deformation of be affected with damp be affected with damp. When buying a shower room with steam function should focus on the steam engine and computer control panel. The steam function is the core of the steam engine, if the engine does not pass, not take long before the bad. In addition, the computer control panel is the core part of shower room. Due to the shower room of all the function keys are on the computer board, once the computer board out of the question, the whole shower room cannot be enabled, so must ask when buy steam engine and computer board's warranty time.
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