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How to choose is the best simple shower room? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-24
Choose a good shower room, not only is to choose a suitable for the space that defend bath style of products, but also for the material of product and process. This kind of product on the market at present prices vary widely. The price gap mainly displays in the different material and process. Consumer is when the choose and buy should pay attention to the following aspects: the characteristics of shower room according to the function of simple points overall shower room and shower room; According to the discrete design Angle, one glyph bath screen, shower room tub bath on the screen, etc. ; According to the shape of the chassis square, circle, fan-shaped, diamond-shaped shower room, etc. ; According to the sliding door, folding door, door structure axis of door of shower room and so on. The overall function of shower room is more, the price is higher, generally can't order. Overall shower room with steam function is also called steam room, heart disease, high blood pressure patients and children cannot use steam room alone. Compared with the whole shower room, simple shower room there is no 'roof', design is rich, its basic structure is chassis adds crawl, chassis quality of a material such as ceramic, acrylic, artificial stone, fence with plastic or toughened glass door, toughened glass door with ordinary tempered glass, water ripples of toughened glass and toughened glass cloth material, etc. Now, the colour of shower room has exceeded the single white, added a lot of bright colors, such as gold, silver, red, yellow, blue, etc. , and the colour be in harmony of toilet - The function of the body, to clean and decoration together. Some shower room USES the technology of arenaceous silver of gush arenaceous gold or gush, colour is showily. Consider the following main factors choice to choose shower room. 1, not covet is cheap. Must buy with detailed production producer name and address and product certification of products. 2, the color design should be coordinated with toilet adornment style. The shape of shower room is usually symmetrical fan, toilet also can choose square. Most consumers like appearance, have a translucent shower room design, the product itself adornment sex is strong, give a person with beautiful enjoyment; But there are some older people or traditional, fancy fabric type shower room, look like a cloth, is monotonous, but not transparent, is the biggest benefit of shower family can use the toilet at the same time. 3, identify the material. Shower room advocate material for toughened glass, toughened glass quality differences, JiaLie toughened glass there is a big security hidden danger, authentic toughened glass carefully look at patterns have loomed. The skeleton of shower room generally made of aluminum alloy surface make pensu processing, not corruption, not rust. The main frame aluminum alloy thickness in 1 best. More than 1 mm, the door is out of shape not easily. At the same time pay attention to check whether the ball bearing is flexible, the door of the rev is convenient and lighter, frame combination of whether to use stainless steel screws. 4, choice of the chassis. Shower room zoning cylinder basin of high and low two kinds. Can sit with cylinder type, suitable for a family of old person or child, can also be a crock of multi-purpose, laundry, water, etc. , deficiency is cleaning the trouble. Low basin, by contrast, is concise, the price is lower than the high basin. In addition, consumer should choose side panel removable chassis, in order to clean, prevent the smell.
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