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How to choose real wood bathroom ark?

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-16

Bathroom ark is another character after the basin that wash a face and toilet toilet, bathroom cabinet and basin almost 2 for one, now overall yugui, will be the main toilet sanitary ware products in the future. So when choosing bath ark need to pay attention to what details? Style bath ark are avant-garde cool, nostalgic classical, natural and pure and fresh and modern classic 4 kinds of style. 

 Avant-garde cool bath ark is contracted design style is given priority to, use of color is more bold. Nostalgic classic bath ark with a Chinese style classic artistic aesthetic feeling, and the best anti-corrosion floor and decorate toilet, more harmonious. Natural and pure and fresh bath ark is one of the mainstream fashion bath ark, refreshing and clean white bathroom as generally have fresh air after the rain the trees. Modernist classical bath ark is integrated into the modern elements in the classic lasting appeal, it is not the color paint archaize furniture color, but the dark wood material, such as walnut; Its simple line is fluent, rather than the European classical school curve of heavy and complicated. In terms of accessories, it abandoned the European classical style and exaggerated, and emphasizes the bath ark fundamental receive a function. 

 Colour and the colour of collocation bath ark is varied, in recent years, light bath ark is still the mainstream. Pure white bath cabinets create elegant and clean bathroom, bright and beautiful but person, give comfort and calm, whole is tonal and white ceramic face basin. Refined colour is as if place oneself quiet world, after numerous and complicated life, to enter the space that can enjoy the natural and pure and fresh, in an instant all the distractions, carefree. In addition, with bright mirror, more can bring cool and refreshing feeling. Combination according to the type of installation, bathroom furniture mainly has two kinds of floor and wall. Floor is suitable for the dry wet depart, space is large modern between sanitary ware, and hang a wall design is the biggest advantage of saving space, easy to do, remove the health corner. It by setting aside plate, store content ark and ground ark multiple elements, such as reasonable space partition, thus effectively increased the bathroom furniture that receive a function, also make the wash gargle, make up, change clothes, and other functions tend to be more obvious. Material purchase bath ark, select material ( Including surface material and base material) Is very important. 

 Bath ark material roughly divided into natural stone, artificial stone, fire prevention board, paint, glass, metal, and wood, etc. Building materials market in normal manufacturer some bath ark are conjoined ceramic bath cabinet, cabinet put oneself in another's material USES pure real wood or moulded moistureproof board. Many advantages of this kind of products, including scratch resistance, no spots; Not because of the sudden change in the temperature crack; Glaze level off is smooth, easy to clean; Moistureproof board cabinet put oneself in another's position in the humid environment is not easy to deformation and crack resistant to moisture; Cabinet put oneself in another's position of high-grade mold surface treatment, will not change color by time. USES the high quality of hinge, slide rail, such as hardware, make cabinet put oneself in another's position is more durable. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo wei yu's official website
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