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How to choose shower room? It's worth your time to study

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-28
Along with the progress of The Times, people more and more high to the requirement of the quality of life, even a small toilet also can't make do, create a comfortable, safe toilet became the main target, so many people choose to install shower room, make the space of the dry wet depart, make them mutual use and is not affected. So when the choose and buy, need to understand what knowledge? Material quality decided to the safety of the toughened glass shower room than common glass of impact resistance, high temperature degeneration, explosion-proof better, so must use full toughened glass shower room. When the choose and buy, toughened glass must bear the 3 c certification mark. Although there are three over one thousand of the explosive rate of toughened glass, but one thousand burst, splashed out of the glass is an obtuse Angle in the shape of the glass, not do fatal damage to human body, it can protect you and your family in the use of shower room is not explosive injury accidents. Here small make up recommend when the choice must be looking for a big brand, manufacturer production shower room, so more guaranteed quality and after-sale service. Don't ignore the function of sealing strip of shower room is the most main is divided into a separate shower area, and effectively prevent when showering to splash. As a result, not only should pay attention to the quality of the glass, you also need to pay attention to the junctions between the glass and glass, glass and metope of sealing strip. If not, would be hard to stop four splash splash when bath, shower room is lost its function. Sealing strip high-end shower room should not have breakpoints in the hinge, door sealing strip between the need of magnetic, so that the waterproof effect is the best, sealing strip at the same time also can rise to alleviate the glass have been hit. Quality shower room was able to secure the safety of the bath shower room is very important. In the choose and buy when, can not only consider the design of shower room or function to be complete, it is best to safety first, think about your family in use every day if I can feel convenient and practical. For example it is best not to choose and buy the shower house that the threshold is too high, so as not to shower wet floor and fell; Those features are more complex operation of shower room is also not quite suitable for the elderly and children, had better balance its operation is convenient. Due to the shower room is made by glass more, to consider from the Angle of safety and durability must choose better strength of toughened glass shower room. In addition, after buying the best require manufacturers to provide professional on-site installation, to avoid problems for damage caused by improper installation.
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