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How to choose the bathroom ark color? The bathroom design depends on the choice of the color

by:Appollo bath     2020-07-25

We live in a world surrounded by a variety of color; From the perspective of physics, nature all colors of light. Color itself attribute, with the accumulation of color perception, people gradually from which sums up the corresponding emotional experience. Which spawned by the perception of emotional experience, has a vital significance in the design. 

The success of the design depends largely on the choice of the color. Studies have found that people for a product or a design work of the first feeling, 60% To 90%, which is based on a review of color. Right color, can evoke positive emotions, and owns advanced color matching bathroom ark, can explain the importance of design and color more, will more outstanding. 01 light shadow: senior senior ash ash is no most concentration and light color department, the closest gray color; It belongs to the neutral grey, with calm, soft, deep qualities. Art, fashion and household industry, senior ash is favored as a senior color, become synonymous with advanced, fashion, luxury, have qualitative feeling. appollo Y678 bathroom ark ( Gray department) : with a neutral grey background, into the classic white carry bright, color soft, show the simple sense of low-key, inside collect, calm. 

Double basin intelligent bath mirror symmetrical double blessing, visual effect is very advanced, for the space that defend bath injects fashionable city halfback breath, eliminates the toilet iciness texture. 02 deep and pure, deep blue is known as the coldest colour, blue sea, air, water is the most common blue represents. Compared with other color, blue is calm, noble, rational and full of charm, often give a person the sense of distance, suited to build space deep administrative levels of purity. appollo Y678 bathroom ark ( Blue) : using the cold blue inherent high temperament, tie-in Roman texture of white mesa, create the aesthetic artistic conception of the blue sky white cloud, bring strong visual impact; Multi-functional intelligent lens ark is the icing on the cake, let a bathroom cabinet more intelligent, more dark, mysterious and abstruse, low-key luxurious texture.   03 girl feelings: first love powder pink is the most representative colors, carrying tens of thousands of boys and girls feelings, a symbol of the dreamy, romantic and sweet. As a warm color department, pink is very sweet, comfortable and lovely space atmosphere. 

In order to avoid the sad in the manner of the bright pink and nothing, appollo Y678 bathroom ark ( Pink) With light pink tone color, tie-in square intelligent mirror, whether want to gentle intellectual, or nifty sweet, can give it to you. 04 rich classical: green, dark green alien in a home is the lawn and garden butt out of the window of the channel, whether it's summer or winter, can let a person feel real life vigor. Blackish green color, rich and classical, wake up the most primitive throb. appollo Y678 bathroom ark ( Dark green) : using green is sedate and unpretentious, calm and cool senior colour, increased the depth between sanitary ware, as the expansion and extension of imagination, blackish green color to further reduce the distance of the bathroom and nature, become a source of inspiration of fashion, beauty brought by agitation restoring ancient ways. 05 clean: matcha green in color, light green belongs to 'neutral color', in the visual perception and less irritating and cold feeling, gentle features make light indoors can produce stability and soothing effect. appollo Y678 bathroom ark ( Light green) : large areas of green and pure and simple but elegant white mesa basin collocation appears elegant gentle, has the fan and small pure and fresh sense, tie-in look very clean and clear. Extending the space that defend bath depth, send out a lasting appeal of high quality. How to choose the bathroom ark color? These have the color you like? More products online comments, welcome to ask for details. Want to learn more about appollo contents that defend bath, open the appollo sanitary ware's official website
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