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How to cope with frequent explosive events - shower room

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-23
There are often hear some news, shower room, which resulted in an explosion of casualties incident. For this kind of risk events, what should we do to prevent it? Shower room for your action. The most important thing is that the choice of shower room. Choose the shower room with quality pass to prevent similar attacks. We need to consider the quality of the glass shower room. This is particularly important. Ordinary glass can't be used as a glass shower room, must be toughened glass. Determine whether to need to look at the glass of the toughened glass quality certification and 3 c certification standards is preferred. Glass before installation, it is necessary to carefully check, look at the edge of the glass to see if there is any breakage situation exists, the thickness of the glass wants moderate, too thick or too thin are easy to explosion. On the surface of the glass with explosion-proof membrane is a better method. Again good shower room is possible since the explosion, it is necessary to put the explosion-proof membrane. Explosion-proof membrane can not stop the glass explosion occurred, but said one thousand explosion at the glass, glass fragments or dependent on explosion-proof membrane, not deliberately to splash hurt people. Of course, the usual use and maintenance of the explosion of shower room also has a vital role. Do not overexert when using; Try not to caused the glass broken, it is easier to make glass explode. Need to regularly check for glass, for accessories aging problem should be handled in a timely manner, also need to pay attention to the occurrence of shower room corner mildew. In a word, the explosive probability of shower room is quite low. Still need to choose quality when buy pass to prevent explosion of shower room, need to pay more attention in the usual use. And, of course, the best able to put a explosion-proof membrane, in order to prevent the explosion.
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