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- how to correct the installation of simple shower room

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-23
Spatial structure of simple shower room is very simple, give a person a kind of very comfortable and neat, is more suitable for the modern people's life style. And how to install? China's top ten brand shower room - — Here to tell you. Step 1: install the bottom pot 1. You first take shower room in packing materials are in place. 2. And then will be ready to install the bottom basin, the chassis is installed, every part assembled parts, make it parallel and solid. Step 2: install glass and shelf 1. Punch after looking for a good location, in the inside into granule, then lock your aluminum bar on the wall, glass clip to lock in the bottom of the hole, then use screws. 2. Fixed a glass in the top of the glass, find a good position after drilling, and then install shelf, pay attention to keep the vertical level. Step 3:1 door installation activities. Hardware installed to the door of the activity, can to hinges fixed door hole. 2. With silica gel will finally aluminium and wall body, glass and thick seam basin of the joint. Step 4: check the debug check whether each part use comfortable and smooth, found that the problem should be timely adjustment. Adjust after tightening the screws, corresponding to the shower room is more strong. Decorative aluminum card into the wall aluminum, ensure its look neat and easy. Finally need to use the whole shower room is wiped dry dishcloth.
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