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How to distinguish the shower room market of toughened glass and common glass -

by:Appollo     2021-02-28
Modern people's pursuit for quality household life is more and more intense, more than just a sitting room, bedroom carefully, even don't want to settle between wei yu. As one of leading role between wei yu, — Shower room has a very high rate of 'appearance', also means that shower room has become the darling of the modern people in the bathroom decorate. But many consumers to building materials market to choose the shower room, don't know how to distinguish the toughened glass and common glass, so it is easy to cheat by undesirable businessman, so how to distinguish between? The difference between the toughened glass and common glass because of toughened glass is broken, pieces will break into smaller particles uniform and there is no common glass cutter, spiral Angle, which is referred to as safety glass and is widely used in automobile, interior decoration works. Household, ordinary glass break after the sharp knife of sharp corners are easy to cut child or impactors, cause of personal injury. After glass broken into small particles or knife shape this is the most main difference of toughened glass and common glass. But in engineering survey, always use this destructive test is not realistic. Toughened glass is a common annealed glass cut into required size first, and then heated to close to softening point, and then to get rapid cooling uniformity. Toughened glass surface after processing forming uniform compressive stress, while the internal heating, to increase the performance of the glass, tensile degrees is 3 times more than the latter, the impact resistance is 5 times more than the latter. It was also the characteristics of the stress characteristics become an important symbol to identify true and false of toughened glass, that is through polarized light in a glass of toughened glass can see chromatic stripe edge, and on the glass surface observation, can see black and white spots. Polarized light can be found in the camera lens or lenses, observe when pay attention to the adjustment of the light source, it is easier to observe.
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