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How to guarantee the safety of shower room? Have something to tell you -

by:Appollo     2021-03-01
As shower room is more and more popular trend, shower room building materials market also gradually expand, in numerous brands selected a good shower room, the most important thing is that its safety performance is more outstanding, believe in a may at any time since the explosion of bath shower in the space, only fearful, you don't enjoy comfortable bathing experience. So the security of shower room basically reflected in what place? Toughened glass explosion-proof performance when the choose and buy, be sure to know the glass of shower room must choose completely tempered safety glass, toughened glass has good transparent feeling, heat-resistant cold resistance, strength, rigidity, impact resistance and other characteristics, very suitable for use in the shower room door, and from a professional point of view, explosion-proof sex is one of the intrinsic properties of toughened glass, which is why must adopt full toughened glass shower room as the cause of the glass door. That how to deal with this problem without affecting the consumers' personal property safety? National standard 'tempered glass' have pointed out that the explosive reasons of toughened glass, because there is a tiny nickel sulfide in the glass stones, after heat treatment, some stones will follow time change crystalline state, with the increase of the volume will increase, inside the glass will cause micro cracks, leading to the explosive accident of toughened glass. In theory, the explosive is inevitable of toughened glass, the current technology will always be there is three over one thousand of the explosive potential, so we must prepare explosion-proof measures before occur explosive! Here small make up to three processing methods are summarized: 1. A toughened glass with explosion-proof membrane, can effectively prevent the toughened glass even burst, also won't form the sharp glass, glass to avoid harming human body; 2. Using laminated tempered glass, can effectively improve security, reduce explosive possibility; 3. To detonate the homogenization or toughened glass.
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