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How to identify the quality of the strip out of the shower room? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-23
In the whole shower room products, the role of the strip is obvious, not only on waterproof performance, on the push-pull experience also play an important role. Use the shower room of strip on the market for PVC material waterproof glue, PVC plastic soft and easy to stretch, and relatively acid and alkali resistance, in the space that defend bath the relatively humid environment can survive for a long time, so deeply profile wholesale shower room manufacturers favor. First of all, the smell, nose to smell the smell, the taste of normal PVC material will not have a strong odor. Second, bask in the sun, the strip tightly bound as far as possible on the profile, placed at high temperatures for a period of time ( The roof or sunny places) 。 Material surface and the contact surface of the strip for stained color, whether the dust on the surface of the strip of oil leakage yellow ( Oil is easy to absorb soil) 。 Third, have a look, some price cheaper filler strip will be a lot, so the surface is not very bright, those cheap not shiny appearance is not desirable. Fourth, look, there are many small retailers, in the use of filler has great checkers, talcum powder and coarse whiting is applied to make filling agent, greatly increased the proportion of sealing products.
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