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How to install shower room won't leave hidden trouble for the future? -

by:Appollo     2021-02-28
The bloomy spring season, should be full of warmth, when homes hidden danger, however, became some of the winter. How to protect love family, not only to the head of security, but also prevent decorate. Only is decorate busy season, at this time of the year because decorate will cause many disputes, one not careful in decorating a process may be for after check-in buried land mines. Generally,, before the ready to install simple shower room size, faucet, shower, showers, piping etc are anticipate, the installation of shower room is period ending stage, due to the time span is long, so a lot of problems also easy omission. Now let's look at the site location of shower room, the owner intends to do on the right side of the door. The weather bar have set in advance of shower room, 900 * 900 size of water retaining one Angle just the pressure at the bottom of the door cover line. Such cases, the aluminum frame and glass shower room can not act. Installed in order to make the shower room is smooth, the teacher can only use cutting machine to cut the door line part, the spare part off with a chisel. If the cut after the door line is not very smooth, you also need to master the fringes processing clean after grind with burning on paper, then on the border of shower room and see Angle or inappropriate. In addition, aluminum frame at the time of installation must let the teacher to adjust the vertical, if not vertical, glass after installed easily uneven and produce glass. Let aluminum frame and door cover line to keep a certain gap, installed behind the glass glue or seal glue sealing, to prevent future use shower room ran out of water, in the process of leading to the door be affected with damp be affected with damp.
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