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How to prevent shower room explosive injury accident happened? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-23
Although is shower room USES toughened glass, relative to the common glass safety coefficient is greatly improved, even if broken will form an obtuse Angle grain, not into large pieces of sharp incision. Even so, for the sake of the family's safety, we should vigorously to avoid explosive injury shower room, so how to do ability effective? A, stick explosion-proof membrane on the surface of toughened glass with a layer of explosion-proof membrane, the explosion-proof membrane can when blowout of toughened glass, the broken glass adhesive on it, will not result in a splash hurt accidents. Second, with the shower room of toughened 3 c authentication products completely explosion is one of the biggest reasons, shower room manufacturers use inferior or not completely to use tempered glass, toughened glass and even common glass. These glass safety systems are not fully tempered glass, heat resistant and fight is not so strong, so when the water temperature changes violently or daily hidden trouble of the bumps, scratches, it is very easy to occur explosive injury accidents. Suggest that consumers in the choose and buy of shower room, never showed, must see clear tempered glass on whether to have 3 c certification marks. Third, what need to pay attention to in daily use? Even if the strength of the toughened glass and security is stronger than the ordinary glass, but we still need more attention in the daily lives of these problems: 1, cleaning, shower room, do not use with acidic or alkaline detergent. The daily clean, can use soft cloth or a sponge in neutral detergent to clean. 2, the use of shower room, don't suddenly increase or decrease the water temperature, especially in winter in the shower, and if the glass is heated unevenly, it is very easy to explosion accident. 3, open and close the shower door, do not too strong, also need to avoid sharp objects collided, the corner of the glass parts need special protection. 4, at the time of custom shower room, must choose normal reliable manufacturer of shower room, need to look at whether there are 3 c authentication marks on toughened glass. At the time of installation, demand manufacturer to send professional on-site installation, so as to avoid improper operation leads to the use of the inconvenience in the future and increase the likelihood of the explosive.
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