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Humanities requirements into the product design valued defends bath product added value

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-17

The basic function of the product that defend bath is that wash bath, but as people's emphasis on family life, people are more willing to defend bath into a means to adjust the pace of life or a kind of life enjoyment, this causes the sanitary ware culture gradually to the humanistic care. Sanitary ware enterprise should pay attention to grasp the demand points, blend in the product design, improve product added value, to win consumers. Consumer demand for cultural evolution since reform and opening up, remarkable development achievements sanitary ware industry development in our country, but on the mode of production, enterprises that defend bath is the scale of production to meet the demand of social utility, and not try to from the aspects of personality or cultural attributes to meet people's spiritual needs, thus to some extent, sanitary ware industry in our country the status quo of imitation rather than innovation. Now, as people's life quality request is higher and higher, the functionality of the product that defend bath is more and more strong, such as the product that defend bath now, in addition to realize the basic function, also can relieve nerves, eliminate fatigue, people demand of humanistic care is increasingly obvious. Humanities requirements design as is known to all, improve product added value product value-added an important role is to actively guide enterprise out of the phenomenon of homogeneity, it contains the technical content and artistic content. Among them, the former requirement to improve the level of processing equipment and processing technology, the utilization level of new materials, etc. ;

 The latter requires to improve the design level, the humanities demand design clearly belongs to the latter. Sanitary ware enterprises to change the current situation of imitation rather than innovation, must be from product design, humanities requirements into the product design, so as to improve product added value, enhance enterprise competitiveness. 

 Considerations into product design combination of product design, human factors enterprises that defend bath to take account of the humanistic factors mainly include the following aspects: first, the illicit close sex. With awakening consciousness of human rights, modern people increasingly pay attention to build illicit close space, then, between sanitary ware is transformed from traditional functional to the illicit close sex, and the space including the line of sight and sound of demanding, therefore, sanitary ware enterprises especially when design the product to consider its space visual effect and function when using sound isolation effect, and so on. 

 Second, the security. Due to the use of the product that defend bath is involves the vital interests of the users, electricity, non-slip drop the existence of the risk factors, such as the seal of the space are the reasons why consumers attention. 

 Third, the comfort level. product design should fully consider people's habits or life characteristics, use new material or color combinations to create a comfortable space. Today, the people-oriented thought is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, humanities demand will be more and more consumer attention, sanitary ware enterprise should know that the development of industry depends on the demand of the market, therefore, sanitary ware enterprises in product design this concept to bear in mind the humanities demand, improve product added value and the enterprise market competitiveness, thus more stability based on the industry. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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