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Identification of toughened glass shower room authenticity - in several ways

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-18
With speed up the pace of time, many families have installed shower room, and become our household goods shower room, but there are many news recently about shower room explosion, make a lot of consumer concern, be afraid of their own home shower room glass will be an explosion, according to expert analysis of explosion is not necessarily related to the glass shower room, but does not rule out was the glass quality problem, can also be caused by external forces. Or the improper use or installation of large temperature difference and so on could lead to a broken glass, etc. Generally good quality shower room can use about five years or so, if the poor quality of shower room 2 - probably Three years will appear damaged, so consumers in daily need maintenance shower room, shower room glass at present basically has two kinds, respectively is common glass and toughened glass. And common glass in high temperature easy blowout caused personal injury, another is made of toughened glass now many are shower room USES toughened glass, because security is good, seldom glass burst problems, even burst fragment without water chestnut, and seldom rained down, less damage. Shower room now numerous brands, consumers choose our material have to be careful, because some brands use half toughened glass or hot bending glass bathroom glass, if in case in cold water with hot water in winter or summer glass will be likely to burst, and fracture scales can have sharp edges, it is easy to hurt, compared under full toughened glass of impact resistance and resistance to pressure is higher than common glass several times, even if the glass is damaged, greatly reduce the harm of human body. Brand shower room, for example, every product is suitable for a family meticulously personalization, and in order to achieve high levels of security, in the aspect of material and accessories are multiple detection tested pass to comply with relevant standards, the production of toughened glass, every piece of toughened glass factory, after a thorough inspection, its security and water proofing property is far more than the industry standard, by consumers of the judges 'top ten brand' shower room have a lot of consumer support and identity. Authenticity identification of toughened glass shower room to see the 3 c mark consumers identify main toughened glass look at two points, one is to see whether a national mandatory safety security 3 c authentication marks, the second is carefully check the product warranty and quality certificate. In general as long as you know the exact name of toughened glass factories or manufacturers, can be directly from the official website of national certification supervision and administration commission of inquiry 3 c certificate of authenticity. And maybe by hand knock glass, toughened glass the issue when knock is ringing, common glass voice is more depressing, general bathroom chooses 6 ~ 8 mm thick scrub or frosting toughened glass is more appropriate.
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