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If you want to take a bath dripping fun, shower room should be how to choose? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-23
Shower room can be divided into independent space that wash bath, keep dry wet depart between bath, also can have the effect of heat preservation in winter. There are many kinds of shower room modelling, arc Angle of effective utilization of space; A font does not occupy a space, economic and practical; So how to choose a satisfactory and safe shower room? To see whether the glass certification choose shower room to buy have the outer packing, marked the brand, the site of factory and product certification, try not to choose no outer packing of products. Toughened glass have the CCC certification and brand logo. Toughened glass sound is ringing, see there will be a vague pattern. After the purchase, the best manufacturer and installed, so as not to increase the risk due to the improper installation. In addition, also to consider the distance, and other equipment to avoid knock against, in case of future use in danger. Anti-corrosion glass hardware accessories is through the shower room hardware fittings together with metope, shower room is firm or not, whether smooth, glass door switch on hardware accessories all workmanship and quality. Because of long-term exposure to water vapor, hardware fittings has certain corrosion capability. For roller, to ensure that the first mobile flexibility, opening and closing and lighter. The pulley and the aluminum alloy rail gap is appropriate, can better ensure the cooperate closely, is not easy to fall off. Regular adjustment screw good sliding door rail push and pull up smooth and durable, pay attention to the aluminum frame and wall plate is fit with closed orbit. Otherwise, push pull off collision can easily make the door loose. Pay attention to regularly clean slide rail, filling lubricant, adjustment screw, ensure good slider bearing and sliding. Valve is convenient to clean up the sliding door opening and closing needs most attention to the quality of the pulley, a quality of the sliding door is fixed in an instant after closing up and won't produce the phenomenon of amplitude is too large, the pulley quality no door under close range after a few truly fixed up. Pay special attention to the sliding door installed within a month, if just installed to use up smoothly, but after a period of time there is a problem, that the quality of the sliding door is not very good. On clean, note that under the frame of the sliding door, the most easy to shelter evil people and practices of the sliding door, some good quality shower sliding door is very pay attention to track cleaning facilities, valve design, the next track arrangement of portable cogged, goes on after the door piece in a specific Angle, can let the door and the track separation, convenient cleaning, easily also put back in place.
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