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by:Appollo bath     2020-12-03
Appollo bath high-end technology new technology, quality products to build a strong brand, outstanding design team and production team for customer taste and individual character space, comfortable comfortable, contracted and not simple. Appollo sanitary toilet use exquisite high-end technology, the detail design be original in conception, after giving the toilet texture and beauty at the same time more to strengthen its practicality, let consumer net enjoy comfortable life!

the sanitary ware that Appollo color toilet series

under the condition of high temperature and fast burning, ware glaze softening melting, making the new pigment particles penetrate into glaze inside when glazed closed after cooling, appearance design and color is steeped in the glaze made moist 侊 month, exquisite glittering and translucent, smooth not outstanding. Its color jade soft embellish, mechanical wear resistance and corrosion resistance is strong, but also solves the ceramics 'lead'.

began in the soil, into the fire, porcelain than jade, better broken than discount. Beautiful line, draw the outline of the texture of pure, smart and full of life breath, decorative pattern is not retreated clear over a long period of time.

and Ming and wei lian health, are bulding, adamant. Their light is a set of linear aesthetics, having a unique style, the details of the meticulously, fascinating.

bright as a mirror, white jade, the dirt is not abuse its clean, pass through the fire the same shape. Beautiful and harmonious colour, is endless imagination, easy be yourself at this moment.

Appollo defending bath of professional design, exquisite materials, pure arts and crafts, perfect after-sales, build product competitiveness. A thought has a strength of the brand, to lead the franchisees are really grow up, can bring considerable sales and profits, believe in the power of Appollo brand!
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