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In addition to the shower room partition, partition and the simple way? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-18
A mention dry wet depart between bath, you first think of which way? Between wei yu in the wet state bacteria throughout the year, every family is hard to avoid problems. Nowadays more and more people choose to use shower room partition, glass partition, glass partition, between the wei yu that which is more suitable for you? Shower room partition using glass shower room as partition, saved the space between wei yu in a lot of position, if only one bathroom in the household, and the area is not large, between wei yu in the installation recommendation for shower room is to act as the role of partition, more show concise and convenient, especially for small family between wei yu. Shower room is unique design, make it compared with other partition way, the biggest difference is, as a relatively independent shower room space, can directly to the bathroom shower area and a separate shower area, solve the problem of damp between wei yu, from the source to reduce the range of the water vapor diffusion in the shower. Glass partition using glass shower and separate toilet, as two range although convenient, but the partition is not enclosed, did water in the shower area within the scope of article, this design is suitable for small area of toilet, make full use of the shape of the between wei yu, it is important to note that although this way is convenient, but hidden crisis is bigger, moisture more likely to cause slipping between wei yu, hit the glass partition cause its broken. Not glass partition glass partition USES half wall design, build by laying bricks or stones between shower area and toilet half a wall at the same time in order to achieve the effect of the dry wet depart. Also some people think a half wall effect is not big, there are two and a half wall. In addition to the shower curtain and waterproof design, also can have the effect of dry wet depart, but relatively dry wet depart is always less than the effect of shower room.
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