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In the next 10 years sanitary requirements how to layout? Take you read 'after zero zero'

by:Appollo bath     2020-07-31

China has a saying: everything is set, BuYuZeFei. As a adhere to continuous innovation leads the development of sanitary ware brand, Appollo is based on a prospective study of user requirements, make the product research and development innovation always walk at the forefront of the market, more customers love and recognition. Recently, the first Chinese 00 growth record after the movie 'after zero zero' in the national arts couplet line. 2017 TV documentary 'after zero zero' in CCTV after release, win the great repercussions, douban rating of 8. Two points. Film since 2006 to shoot, after 12 years, is known as a public diary, tells the story of the growth of different children stories, and after about 00 way of education. 

 00 after have already an adult, the next 10 years will gradually become the main consumption, and after 00 in the growth process, what are the different demand for sanitary ware, Appollo to interpret together with you. Attaches great importance to the personal experience after 00 parents mainly after 70 or 80, is the one-child generation, in 4 + 2 + 1 family pattern, also make the 00 after get more love from his family. Parents degree is relative taller, superior material life, open-minded and pay more attention to all-round education and education of their children, make 00 after grow more open and free environment, dare to take the initiative to publish their opinions and ideas. In addition, 00 after growing up in the web2. 0 times, everyone is Internet content producers, as the Internet sources of information, also make more after 00 'expressionism', they form social interest oriented, values of more diverse. After enlightenment: 00 of personal experience, dare to express their feelings, adumbrative more personalized demand for sanitary ware, compared to traditional mass production, future sanitary ware design should be more one thousand thousand, fully satisfy consumers 'become the focus of desire'. After is 00 ego identity. 

 After compared with their parents after school play, 00 more choices come straight home after school, through playing games, and watch a short video to alleviate the pressure of the study. Application and the development of the Internet, all sorts of convenient, make learning, social, entertainment, etc.  Can be done in the home, more make after 00 'otaku'. At the same time, after 00 are more concerned about the health of health drinks such as 100% pure fruit juice, tea drinks, fruit and vegetable beverage consumption rose, and for western fast food, coke and instant coffee consumption. Revelation: sanitary ware as household items, should be more focus on the create a healthy and comfortable experience for consumers, especially in intelligent, the popularity of 5 g in the future, provide consumers with health, entertainment, interaction and so on the integration of intelligent household space, can let the consumer more comfortable curtilage at home. Rich family of opinion leaders mobile Internet information transmission, 00 for media after more sensitive, more informed, for information collection and judgment ability, an important voice in the household shopping decisions, more and more parents are willing to listen to the views of 00 after.

 On consumer attitudes, 00 after shopping return to practical, strengthen confidence in domestic brands, they think that domestic brands are not worse than foreign products, more will support domestic. Revelation: 00 after leading to decorate, or the parent generation leading to decorate, want to pay more attention to the influence of buying behavior in the family after 00, sanitary ware products in the design should include 00 after aesthetic needs and value orientation, and application of network media to establish brand image. To consumers as the guidance, cross-border fusion of continuous innovation, with good quality and service returns the sustainability of the consumers, the Appollo management idea. Appollo is convinced that completes the target customers of continuous research, and more accurate to meet consumer demand, to continuously expand the market, continue to maintain the market competitiveness, provide consumers with better products and services. The parts in this paper, source of ogilvy China united Internet measurement Webinsight released after zero zero research, tencent social insight to tencent user research and experience design department released the tencent 00 after research report, and micro information to release the 00 after social media performance research report. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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