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In those years we didn't find the shower room decorate a blind spot, you know? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-19
After many friends decorate the check-in, there are always some regret things, namely, spent a lot of money, and not practical. But in the actual is decorated in, not practical, is closely related to the collocation between the practical items also, some good item with wrong nor practical, and the shortage of goods if appropriate collocation also can make up for the defects. These decorate myth between wei yu, you are in a few action? The blind spot, shower curtain can do a lot of people think, dry wet depart with shower curtain is a good way to do wet depart, cheap and easy to clean. But note that the stone sill want to have a certain height, the shower curtain is lower than stone sill, pull the shower curtain into the stone when bathing, so as to perfect the dry wet depart. And shower curtain, if not timely is rinsed clean, easy to moldy. Mosaic of blind spots, beautiful and useful Mosaic decoration effect is good, but the price of material and operating costs are relatively expensive, in addition to use Mosaic place if you want to install a towel rod or shelf only choice method of expansion screws, chuck type cannot be used. Mosaic is bad to do, shelter evil people and practices easily. So the Mosaic should use in dry areas to oh! Blind spot three, pure black, pure white ground is the most clean between wei yu, let a person feel eyes black and white and black has always been synonymous with stain resistant. But in the bathroom, it is questionable. Toilet hair is more, in clear white floor, and black footprints particularly evident. In addition the second picture in picture red circle of vitreous mesa also is not very good, what dirty things clean even after wiping marks are clearly visible. Blind spot, the stage basin and beautiful atmosphere on stage basin also is not practical, easy to splash water to the outside, every time washing a face also need to wipe the table, the key is also blind Angle less than! Recommended to choose a bit bigger deep basin that wash a face, wash a face is the second, still have to have a place to wash the clothes. Blind spot five the bottle container canister, save a space toilet dresser women never buy enough, some people will make up the function is integrated into wei yu. In fact, this is not reasonable. Because between wei yu is a very wet place, can greatly reduce the service life of cosmetics.
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