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Intelligent sanitary ware market small what is hindered the pace of its progress?

by:Appollo bath     2020-09-05

After reap the benefits of the smart phone, consumers begin to intelligent product performance. Nowadays, intelligence has been increasingly involved in the furniture industry, intelligent sanitary ware also gradually emerged, and appear in the store brands. For the overall sanitary ware market, intelligent sanitary wares in meet the personalized needs of consumers and product functionality, sanitary consumption experience many obvious advantages, such as a lot of the personage inside course of study thinks, the future intelligent sanitary ware will with the enhancing quality of life become the main development direction of the product that defend bath. For now, however, the market performance of intelligent sanitary ware, intelligent wei yu is still far from spring. Real TanJia dishwashers: intelligent sanitary perfunctory intelligent is the future trend of household life, intelligent sanitary ware also fired. In order to fully understand the development status quo of intelligent sanitary ware, the network reporter visited the beauty of changsha red star triumphant dragon and wei yu xi was packed two everyone in the stores, it was found that intelligence is not as scenery legend that defend bath. Today's sanitary ware, toilet, shower room, bathtub, bathroom cabinet, hardware leading have achieved different levels of intelligence, but most of the stores are just a few intelligent implement and intelligent toilet cover, the rest of the product basic absent. For various sanitary ware brand store product display, intelligent toilet seat and the proportion of ordinary implement will be about 1:5, after all, intelligent implement only store used to hold a & other Face engineering & throughout; Guide, consumer has few takers, don't expect it to contribute much performance, ordinary implement is the market & other Darling & throughout; 。 Intelligent sanitary status: & other; Three mountain & throughout; Stop the forward & other; Intelligent & throughout; The word fashionable household industry, has become a bathroom industry a new development direction. From the perspective of the demand of times development trends and consumer, intelligent sanitary ware as the differentiation, personalized, fashionable products on the market, should have a broad space for development, that is exactly what the smart bath after a long time development, the penetration rate is still only three & amp; 吗? A, lack of experience, is the mule is horse out walk his good things to see light is nobody will buy, be sure to let the consumer feel good, consumers will be willing to spend money. Reporter visits each brand stores found that consumers to store experience intelligent toilet, often limited to switch cover plate, see appearance, touch glaze, etc. , and cannot actually see or experience brought by the intelligent sanitary science and technology innovation and improvement of the life that occupy the home, domestic sales personnel are not familiar with a little knowledge on the properties of products, consumers could not to make a value judgement intelligent sanitary wares. Now that don't have access to consumer recognition, and how do you hope to sell the products out? Second, the price is too high, & other; Sky-high & throughout; The toilet a few people can afford after visited two people in stores, mention intelligent sanitary wares, and the reporter's mind is only a word, & other; Throughout your &; ! International brands such as TOTO and kohler, Germany bao, a smart toilet discount down 8, a line of domestic brands, such as wrigley, sea whales, heng jie, even if no sales also get QiBaQian, and ordinary consumers toilet decorate a budget is ten thousand pieces, try to ask, so & other; On the tall & throughout; How many people can afford a smart toilet? Even the wave guide in wei yu said, & other; This is for the rich & throughout; 。 But if intelligent sanitary ware is just positioning the wealthy, that it is destined to stay only in the corner that was always expect it to a wide range of popularity. Enterprises that defend bath, I cannot think of technology innovation, cost reduction, product prices down, talk about penetration. Three, different criteria: walk each different devices do not exchange reporter visited a store that defend bath, had asked the guide, a smart toilet cover whether can be installed on other brands of toilet, guides the answer is, & other; Installation can be installed, just won't go very well. ” It also indirectly reflects the intelligent sanitary ware another popular road & other; A stumbling block & throughout; , that is, as a result of standard not unified intelligent toilet seats and implement the installation dimensions and adaptation between rate problem. It is understood that the current involving intelligent implement standards are numerous, but no real form a unified and perfect standard. Each brand USES the production standard is different, for the interconnection between different devices, communication become very difficult, so as to reduce the enthusiasm of consumers to buy. Intelligent implement penetration in Japan nearly 90 & amp; In South Korea, the penetration rate of more than 60 & amp; In China, the prevalence rate of Taiwan, also in 15 & amp; Or so, but in China, most are 3 & amp; 。 In contrast, intelligent sanitary situation was not optimistic in our country. Intelligent sanitary wares to into the ordinary people, to overcome obstacles far more than experience, price, standard this & other; Three mountain & throughout; 。 Smart home is a trend, intelligent sanitary ware is also a trend, as for when this trend can become a reality, we don't do that, but it remains to be seen. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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