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Is the better the thicker the glass shower room security will be? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-18
In general, toilet area of the home is the smallest, so people will be made in the bathroom decorate, want to reasonable divided into wet and dry area, therefore can choose to install a shower room, but the glass shower room explosive accidents frequently occur, so how to avoid the accident happened on its own? So people have a sense of 'common sense' : shower room, the choose and buy of common thickness is 6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm, so consumers will produce a thought: will the glass thickness point more secure? Consumers actually produce this 'common sense' consciousness is not surprising, according to the psychology, for example, surrounded by transparency strong products such as glass, people can feel the thick so secure the foot, like hiding in a fortified bunker. So this truth in the glass shower room is? In fact is not applicable! The modelling of the ply of glass of shower room and shower room has a direct relationship. If is curved shower room of a class, then the thickness of the glass had better choose 6 mm, otherwise it is not easy to make model, the stability is relatively good; If it is a straight line type of shower room, you can choose 6 mm or 10 mm toughened glass, the thickness of the glass but also increases the amount of the thick and heavy, so the quality of related hardware with higher demands, if choose 8 or 10 mm thick glass, you will need to use good quality of the pulley. The stand or fall of shower room glass if the glass connect fully, with and without noise, have without defects such as bubbles. The impure or process of making glass material has nodes and bubble defects can make the glass defects, such as lower mechanical strength of glass, etc. 2 see glass glass on whether to have 3 c authentication, if there is a brand name and security code. 3 c certification and authentication code is short for China wallpaper sex product certification, shower room products without this identity is not sales. Three see toughened glass pieces sample. According to the national standard safety tempered glass fragments in every 50 x 50 mm area should not be less than 40 grains.
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