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It is necessary to buy smart toilet at home? In order to women's health must look

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-25

It is necessary to buy smart toilet at home? Intelligent than the average toilet closestool on the washing and drying have obvious advantages, there are a lot of families in order to facilitate will choose smart toilet, but some families think it is not necessary to buy smart toilet. Home have intelligent toilet need to purchase it? We might as well to analyze from the perspective of women's health. About 3 years of time in one's life is spent in the toilet. But because of physiology characteristic, the frequency of the female toilet are boys toilet 2 - time Three times. Or physiological period of women during pregnancy, such as toilet more frequently, it takes more time. According to related health organization survey of Chinese women report notes: every year, 230000 people died of disease of department of gynaecology, 41% of women of childbearing age with different degree of inflammation of department of gynaecology, married women have higher incidence of 70%. While 60% of gynecological disease is caused by the pollution. The relationship between women privacy, clean, the health of women. Appollo toilets for women set up a special nozzle, nozzle jet of large-area soft warm water, for women daily and period to keep the body clean, prevent bacterial breeding, prevent bacterial virus infection. Using new instant heating technology, insulation leakage proof, heat transfer speed, no need to wait for, more save electricity heating security. Equipped with four block water temperature regulation, women could accept according to their own temperature adjust at will, either. Also the function of warm air drying, mobile air supply, drying, more efficient; Pp enjoy meticulous care, reduce the women in the special period not comfort. 360 degrees intelligent temperature control seat, intelligent temperature control system, make your toilet also feel warm and comfortable in winter. More it is worth mentioning that the Appollo intelligent toilet is made through 1280 ° high temperature calcination of sanitary ceramic products, the formation of nano self-cleaning glaze, has the characteristics of easy to clean, anti-bacterial, can improve people's living and health conditions, to reduce the spread the germs of toilet, protection of family health security. Above all, it is necessary to buy smart toilet at home? Intelligent toilet not only use more comfortable, healthy to human body, especially the women's health benefits. Said, woman such as flower, need to caress attentively. Appollo sanitary toilets let woman such as flower bloomed, give women health care, and healthier quality of life. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo sanitary ware's official website
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