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It is necessary to know dealers measure and design - simple shower room

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-24
Now, simple shower room has become the necessaries of life, but because each toilet decorate each are not identical, how to install the right size in shower room in limited space is one of the most concerned problems, basic size and the method to solve the problem of measurement shower room first, understand the shower room, so as to realize the small space, great enjoyment. A, free on-site measurements 1, must take shower area the size of the plane and elevation quantity is clear, and draw the sketch. 2, shower area have the window, then give the height of the window, the window width, height, distance to the corner of the window, the window to the distance of smallpox quantity is accurate. 3, shower area with the cold and hot water pipe, heating pipe, drainage pipe, the pipe is the size, the height of the ground, away from the wall width measurement is accurate. 4, shower in the dark water pipes installed to also want to ask, and specified on the drawing, in order to avoid in the process of production, installation of water pipes. 5, the position of the shower outside the toilet or commode also to measure is clear, it is particularly important foreign open. 6, installation of shower room position level is to measure, if there is no water groundmass, the shower room directly on the floor is particularly important, because want to slice, the floor is uneven. Can consult the horizontal line of ceramic tile down, can know how much the level difference. 7, the bathroom screen ( Partition) Must keep the width of the bottom and top width measurement, pay attention to pull flat feet. Generally, the width of the up and down is not the same. 8, if you want to cap, on both sides of the height to measure, the height is not the same on both sides of the general. 9, the door on the left or the right will indicate. 10, if you want to buy, the location of the shelf will indicate. Second, free design 1, shower room is to take a bath appliance, according to the principle of ergonomics, the shower area area of not less than 800 mm * 800 mm. Open the door in the area of not less than 1000 mm * 1000 mm. 2, if it was too small in and out not convenient, it is recommended that the change of flat open the door. 3, outside the door have no position will change inside to open the door, change in open space is not enough only do visit inside the door. 4, if the dealer can't to provide design drawings, but the size of the field measuring sketching to the manufacturer, the manufacturer is responsible for the design. Flagship store has A + 5, shower system, DIY space design 3 d scene rendering, you can see the effect first, then place the order, custom perfect between wei yu. Third, timely communication with the customer customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. So in the process of the pre-sale service, it is very important to the communication with customers, programmes must be after the confirmation of the customer sign the purchase order, there was a dispute, lest the acceptance.
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