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Japanese toilet VS abnormal details let oneself toilet 70 million people was stunned!

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-14
Recently, Japanese toilet on the hot search, within a short span of time, 70 million people read, exactly what kind of abnormal condition, can let everybody so amazing, along with the below small make up to get to know.

four type a, separation, do not waste a space

will (toilet, sink, bathroom Including the tub and shower) Separation and washing machine set apart, known as the 'four type. '

2, draw the tap

this faucet. Can be said to be a lot of families in Japan standard

for baby or pet in the basin in the shower, the smoke pull bibcock is also very convenient.

3, powerful receive

differentiate space clear advantages, disadvantages and only a: is compact. If toilet tight?

space is the space, or those items, but the overall feeling is very neat and clean.

4, sitting bath

the bathroom toilet, separate shower and tub is usually.

the stool directly embedded into the bathroom, so convenient to the old man and children sit can directly with no shower shower can also on the stool, put some toiletries.

5, constant temperature alarm device of bath crock

with constant temperature bath, can want to how long how long the dip, and can talk on the phone, just fun.

bring alarm device, if you have anything to help in the process of bubble bath, a cry for help button directly. Six, intelligent toilet

automatic toilet cover, warm water to wash the fart fart, warm wind blow dry, these functions can be realized, the intelligent toilet, this is Japan happiness so strong closestool, who don't want to be?

in the smart toilet next to a white board, and a small change clothes, standing in the above change clothes, can avoid to make dirty socks, etc.

7, high-tech towel rack

in the winter, it is very difficult for both socks, towel dry, smelling the long period of time there is always a little musty, if it is dark defend wetter.

as their own technological properties of electrically heated towel rack, artifact, as toilet again put a family more than the towel off, can also be used to heat the slippers in winter! Eight, multi-purpose monohydrate

because the Japanese before taking a bath, will take a shower first, so after bubble water, generally can also bubble again.

do you think it's finished, also have no! After a bubble of water can also be used to wash clothes ~

9, bathroom with drying effect

general Japanese toilet and powerful, sauna, such as ventilation, dry, hot and cold air conditioning effect.

after washing the clothes, hang to dry, southerners see this almost cry. 。 。
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