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Kaifeng in shower room type or enclosed type more good? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-29
Bathroom shower room closed OR development depends on the size of the whole area of toilet, for small family toilet, open more comfortable, and closed up can appear very congestion, saves the space from the point of view we should choose the shower room with open; For the shower room with larger area, can choose enclosed simple bathtub, here be reasonably the dry wet depart, take a shower in winter heat preservation effect is better. Separate shower cubicle, modern household of sanitary facilities to overall shower room is more and more high, many families hope to have an independent space that wash bath, but because the bedroom health space is limited, can only put bath facilities and sanitary ware in one room, shower room makes full use of indoor one horn, the happy wash in enclosed space will be clearly classified, form a simple shower room is relatively independent space that wash bath. But it is worth noting that the seal of the shower room must add ventilation, open mode shower room can not added, but winter heat preservation effect is not good, also is full of water vapor. Finished product of shower room basically is enclosed, with ventilation, heating, but the price is relatively high. Another choice closed or open also crowd to decide according to the family. For home with the old man, totally enclosed shower old man easy to feel discomfort, and home and have a baby shower, is help for adults, it is more convenient to open. From the point of real life, toilet is the place of discharge, shower room is a place to take a bath. If your family was taking a shower, want to go to the toilet, how to deal with this problem? If allowed to come in solving the problem of urgent need, take a shower of people take a shower can't smell the smell, if the shower room is fully enclosed, effect will be reduced a lot. From the perspective of feng shui, toilet and shower room is separated to do wet depart, can let a person happy, improve health in the bathroom.
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